Sister Moon’s First week in the MTC

Excerpts from Andrea’s first letter:

The first week at the MTC has been stressful but amazing! My companion is Sister Henderson and she worked with me at Shivers about a year ago so it was nice to see a familiar face right away. She’s from Holladay, Utah and she is going to The Oklahoma Tulsa Mission as well. There is another sister in our residence hall that is going with us as well. Her companion is going to the Mississippi Jackson Mission. They are Sister Wulfenstein, she is from Pleasant Grove, and Sister Povanhu, she is from Namibia, Africa. They are both so great and we all get along so well. The Elders in our District are Elder Cordner, Elder Ward, Elder Hendriksen, and Elder McAfee. They are really great too and so is the other district in our zone. We will have two more sisters coming in tomorrow that will be living in our residence hall. They will form another district in our zone along with the other elders that will come tomorrow. I met an Elder Moon today at lunch we didn’t really talk to see if we are related but it was cool anyway.

Our teachers here are amazing and we have all learned so much even though it’s only been a week. We have been teaching an investigator (acted out by one of our teachers) his name is Andy and it has been really hard. We are learning how to teach people not lessons but it’s hard at the beginning because you want to teach the lessons but sometimes that makes them uninterested in our message. We are also learning about our purpose as missionaries and how to apply that in our lessons. We want our investigators to know that we are there because we want them to come closer to Christ. Sometimes that gets lost when we are teaching a lesson because they think that we are teaching them about our church instead of bringing them closer to Christ

I love you all!! I am doing great and learning a lot. I am so grateful for your support!
Love, Sister Moon

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