Week 5: New Investigators!

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has flown by and I don’t really know how to start.
We’ve had a lot more success this week. We have 4 new investigators! They have been taught before but have been dropped a long time ago. So they are new to us.
Lisa lives out in the country and she lives in a trailer that has no electricity and, most of the time, no heat. She walks everywhere and she lives at least 10 miles from town. She is an amazing lady. A couple of families in our ward help her out a lot. They pick her up and take her to their house to get a shower and then she comes to church with them every week. She knows just about everything about the church and participates in meetings on Sunday. We were so confused why she isn’t baptized. So we went to go visit her with a girl in our ward, her name is Amber and she is 16 and she used to go out with the other sister missionaries all the time, but now she works so she can only come with us every once in a while. Amber knows a lot about the people who have been taught before so she is a big help. She said that when the other sisters visited her, Lisa was concerned about being baptized because she thought that her baptist priest had the priesthood so she didn’t need to be baptized again. But when we went to visit she was concerned that God wouldn’t be happy with her for being baptized twice. She wasn’t sure about it and we also talked about Joseph Smith and that she needs to have a testimony of Joseph Smith so that she can know if the Priesthood really was restored to the earth. We weren’t able to visit her again last week, but we want to have a lesson in a members’ home sometime this week.
Willy and Whelma are a couple who live out in the country too. They used to have 20 something dogs at their place! This was before we met them. They finally had them sent to a shelter with help from a couple in our ward. They really like the people in our ward and they have come to church a couple of times in the past, not while we’ve been here, and they like it. They stopped seeing the missionaries because they wondered why we talk more about Joseph Smith than we talk about Christ. Also I guess they were offended by a missionary previously, but we came over one day and talked to Whelma and she asked us questions. Amber came with us to see her as well. She knew them from before so they already knew her and like her a lot so it was a positive experience. We answered Whelma’s questions and left them a DVD about the church and what we believe. They both watched it together and really liked it and it did clear up some of the questions that they had. We went back to see them and they said that they would start reading the Book of Mormon again and that we could start teaching them. Both of them were actually thinking about being baptized a while ago but they had questions that the missionaries wouldn’t answer so they stopped. I’m excited to start teaching them. They are both so sweet and kind.
We are also teaching Emily and her twin brother Jake. They are 8 years old and their mom is a member who is less active. She wants them to be baptized. They are Amber’s cousins. Amber has really been helpful for us. We taught Emily the other day about the Restoration, her twin brother wasn’t there that day. It’s so interesting teaching children. You have to teach it so simply and clearly or they get confused. She is really smart though so she understood what we were talking about. She is so sweet and she kind of looks like Adri, so that’s who she reminds me of when we teach her. We’re going back soon so that we can teach both of them. It’s going to be a very different experience teaching them.
Women’s Conference was really good! One of our investigators, Helga, came with her friend who is a member, so that was really great.
Helga is another one of our investigators. I think I’ve talked a little about her before, but she’s from Germany. She is so funny and makes us laugh all the time. She says that she is going to stop smoking. She said that once she runs out of her cigarettes she’s done. She says she has 4 packs left. We hope that she will be able to do that. We taught her the plan of salvation last time and she believes it, her husband passed away a couple of years ago so it’s really comforting for her to know that she will see him again.
Sister Goodman and I had kind of a rough week as a companionship but we’re communicating a lot better now so things are starting to get better. We go running every morning and where we live has so many hills! We really get a workout! It’s been really good to run every morning even when we don’t want to. Some mornings it is sooo hard but we’re improving!
I love you all to the moon and back!! 🙂
Hurrah for Israel
Love, Sister Moon

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