Week 7: Transfers Already?

Hey Family and Friends!

I can’t believe this transfer has gone by so fast! We get our transfer calls on Saturday. I still feel lost and like I don’t know what I’m doing half of the time. So how transfers work is we get called around 10:00 pm and they tell us if we’re staying or going, then that next Thursday is when we get transferred. It’s so weird to think about the possibilities. I’m trying not to think about it. It’s just going to make me stressed.

Mom and dad, It sounds like you are having a lot of success and I love your pictures. I am slacking on the picture taking. I need to take a lot more pictures. I didn’t realize you would be teaching as much as you have been. I’m so excited for you. 🙂

My biggest trial for the week has been working well with Sister Goodman. We aren’t working together as well as we should be. Things have been pretty rough and most of the problems are coming from me stressing about things that don’t matter and having my expectations way too high. It’s been a real learning experience. I see the ways that I need to improve now so that we can work well together. I really haven’t been working as hard as I should be and that has been causing problems. I am going to step it up and work harder than I ever have before! (Thanks mom for teaching me that I can do hard things. I love you.)

So this week has felt longer than the other weeks. Last Monday we had our zone outing, we basically played volleyball the whole day with the missionaries from our zone, it was really fun! I haven’t played volleyball for so long!

This week we had the goal of reaching 90% member present lessons. We didn’t quite make it, but we were really close. We got 87% and that is soooo much better than what we have had in the past. The average before for our zone was about 30-40% which is terrible. I notice such a difference between when we have a member there and when we don’t. Sometimes during the week I felt so limited in what we could do, because we had to have a member with us at all times to be able to reach our goal. That’s where a lot of the stress came from this week. I am a plan ahead person and Sister Goodman is not so it was really rough figuring out who to go with us, but it all worked out in the end.

We met with Delbert Downs this week. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about him before. He was baptized when he was little but he fell away and never was really in the church at all. He has questions now about different religions and we have discussions every week on Monday night and we pick a new topic every week that we discuss and then he goes and asks other churches what they believe. He is searching for what he believes and I hope that we can help him to understand that this is the true church. I have no doubt in my mind that is true. He comes to church every week as well so I know he’s feeling the spirit. Tonight we meet with him again and we are talking about the priesthood. It was really cool to study more about the priesthood than I have before. He is such a great man, I hope that he will feel the spirit tonight and feel like he should work towards receiving the priesthood and being active in the church.

So on Tuesday we had an interesting experience at dinner. We had dinner with the Aufenkamps. They are a really funny couple in our ward. So when we went over there she was putting beans straight from the can into a bowl, i thought she was going to put them in the microwave.. nope she set them on the table and said they had come straight from the freezer. Then I saw a bunch of plates and platters sitting on the ground, i was hoping that we weren’t going to be using them, She got the plates we were going to eat off of from the dishwasher and then she was looking for a platter for the ribs we were having. She picks the platter up off the ground and hands it to Sister Goodman and says “it came from the china cabinet yesterday so it’s clean.” She has two dogs and a cat so I was kinda nervous about that. Later Sister Goodman told me that she tipped the platter and dust and hair fell of the plate. She was about to grab something to wipe it down with and before she could Sister Aufenkamp piled the plate with ribs. I didn’t even know about this until later and i was so grossed out. It was quite an experience. haha

I met a couple this week who just got back from a couples mission in Nauvoo! I thought that was the coolest thing. I talked to Brother May about it for quite a while. It was really interesting to hear about their experience. He talked about the pageant and how Sister missionaries that are called there, they go somewhere else for the winter and come back in the summer when it’s busy. I never knew that before.

So we’ve met a couple of people who we are going to start teaching. We go to a less active member and teach him the new member lessons quite often and two of his neighbors have met with missionaries before and are interested in meeting with us again. One of them just called us up last night randomly and said he wanted to set up an appointment with us. The other one we talked to outside of his house and said we would come back. We’ve been receiving lots of referrals as well. We aren’t sure if they will go anywhere but we are gaining the members trust a little bit more.

We met a woman who got help from the church and she’s investigating a couple other churches but we’re going to start teaching her. It’s going to be really good.

We got a text yesterday from someone who has a member friend. She has a newborn and she’s deciding whether she wants to become Mormon or a Catholic. We’re just waiting for her to decide what day she can meet with us.

We are teaching a set of twins, a boy and a girl. Emily and Jake, they just barely turned 8. They are so cute. I love teaching kids. They are so smart and excited about learning. Their mom is an inactive member but she wants them to be baptized. We’re hoping that while we visit them that she will feel the spirit again and want to come back to church. Their cousin Amber takes them to church. It’s amazing how much they remember about what we’ve talked about before. We brought them a children’s Book of Mormon and they were so excited about it. Emily started reading it before we even left. They are both so cute and get so excited when we come over.

On Saturday there’s a farmers market and we went to go see a less active who sells chap-stick and soap made out of bees wax. Then we went around to other booths to see what else people were selling. There was a lot of cool stuff and we talked to a couple people who are there almost every week. We’re going to go back next week and talk to a couple of people again. We are working on setting up a booth at the market and pass out pamphlets, copies of the Book of Mormon and general information about the church. We hope that it will help us to be more known to the public.

Saturday night we went to visit Helga who we’ve been working with for a while. She’s been sick and so she hasn’t been smoking for the couple of days she’s been sick. I think it’s really good for her. We are still working with her to help her quit smoking. We set a baptismal date for her. She is working toward getting baptized on May 24. We are so excited. She’s doing better and hopefully having a date in mind will help her to quit.

We went to do service on Saturday for a family in our ward, they are cleaning up their yard. They had a huge pile that they were burning and we were moving a bunch of dead branches from their front yard to the back so they could burn it. It’s so interesting that people just burn their garbage out here. We can tell when it’s a burning day because the sky is always smokey on those days.

An investigator that Sister Goodman found in Tulsa is getting baptized on Saturday so if we can find a ride we might be going to Tulsa for the day. That will be exciting. We have exchanges on Friday which should be pretty good. I’ll give you all more detail on that next week.

I love you all and I am so grateful for the support and I feel your love and prayers. I’m so grateful to be here in Ava.

Hurrah for Israel!
Love, Sister Moon

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