Week 8: I’m Staying in Good Old Ava!

Dearest Family and Friends,

I am not moving to a new area or getting a new companion. Everything is staying the same. Our district is still the same too. So not much has changed. Basically everyone in our district just got here last transfer so they’re keeping us here.
Things are good. They’re slowly getting better. Sister Goodman and I are working things out and it’s been good. We really do get along well most of the time it’s just when things get stressful that we have a hard time. She’s helping me to work hard and i appreciate all that she does. I will be super grateful to her for the rest of my mission but in the moment it’s always really rough.
We went caving today!! It’s Amber’s birthday so we went to a cave that’s about 10 miles away from Ava. It was really cool. The young women and young men in the ward have gone before, so don’t worry it’s safe. It was so much fun! It has a lot of water in it and so it’s really muddy (well it’s more like clay) We got soooo muddy and gross! It was awesome!! I will send pictures as well.
Last Monday we went to teach Delbert again last week and we’re teaching him today. We taught about the Priesthood and it was really good. We teach him at Brother Lewis’ house and he is so great! His wife has been out of town but she should be back today. She’s such a great lady as well. We went to the Lewis’ with the Aufenkamps. They are such a funny couple. (That’s who we had dinner with who picked the platter up off the floor.) But they shared some good experiences with the priesthood and didn’t get us off topic too much. haha The lesson went really well though. Delbert is such a great man. He’s so funny and he knows it’s true he just needs to realize that the Church has the fullness of the gospel. He still goes back and forth between a few different churches. Tonight we are talking about the first principles of the gospel.
I love studying every morning and preparing to teach. When I read out of Preach My Gospel it reminds me of how simple the gospel is and how complicated we make it sometimes. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. It doesn’t get more simple than that. I never realized how much of a difference studying the scriptures every day makes. I love the scriptures! Some mornings I’m so sad that I have to put my scriptures down and stop studying so we can go out and work. I could read and research different things for hours sometimes if it was allowed. It puts everything into perspective. When we read the scriptures it makes everything so much easier. Focusing on the savior and remembering him throughout the day is so much easier when we start the day with scriptures and prayer.
We had a great Easter and I hope that everyone else did too. Church was really good. Sister Goodman and I taught Sunday School and we went to the nursing home a little later and taught them about the meaning of Easter (their preacher who usually comes canceled last minute) The people at the nursing home are so sweet. It was hard to get out of there cause they wanted to just keep talking. We go in almost every week and serve there but most of the time we don’t really get to sit down and talk to them so it was so nice to be able to do that.
We had dinner with the Kjar’s they are such a great family, it was so great to eat dinner and talk to one of the “normal” families in the ward. Brother Kjar used to be the bishop. His son in law is the ward mission leader (Brother Hobbs) and his wife (sister Hobbs) has come out with us a couple of times. They are just a great family. The Hobbs have a son named Bryden and he’s 2. He’s so cute! He had a lot of candy since it was Easter and he was so energetic it was so funny! Then when we got home we decorated Easter eggs (pictures below) We did them super quick, but they look pretty. It was a pretty great Easter!
This week we went over to Dan and Linda’s (He’s the one waiting for first Presidency approval to get baptized) and we were talking about scripture study and they said they didn’t have time to read their scriptures so we volunteered to mow his lawn the next day so he would have time to read the scriptures. So we went over there the next day and mowed his lawn, I used the weed whacker while Sister Goodman mowed the lawn. It was so great to be doing 2 services at the same time. Cutting his lawn and allowing him to read the scriptures. It was really good but i’m sad I didn’t take pictures after.
I went on another exchange this week to Marshfield. It was really great. I was with Sister Whitaker. She’s so cute .. i forgot to get a picture with her. I am doing really bad at this picture taking thing! Anyway, Sister Whitaker was super stressed cause we were supposed to help move one of their investigators out and they had a lot of men lined up to help and at the last minute a lot of them backed out. But everything worked out and there were a lot of people who came to help. It was such a testimony builder to know that God is in charge and he has everything under control, we just need to have faith that things will work out.
We had a couple of cool lessons that day too. We went to a less active family’s house and we were with the relief society president for their ward. The father of the family was home so we went in and he was a little hesitant to let us in but once we got talking and getting to know the family he started to open up more and feel more comfortable. By the end it was really cool, he said that his wife had been talking about maybe going back to church and the relief society president offered them a ride and he really sounded interested. I don’t know if they actually went but it was cool to see the change that took place while we were there.
Later that night we went to a lady’s house who has a baptismal date and we were talking about the Book of Mormon. Her name is Carol and she is so sweet! She’s just the cutest lady ever. She said that there was a problem with the baptismal date and that they needed to change it so she decided to move it up about 3 weeks sooner than originally planned, so she’s getting baptized on May 10! It was so cool! The spirit was so strong in the lesson and it went really well.
There’s a Moon family in Seymour, which is a town about 30 minutes away from Ava. We haven’t met them yet but their names are Burtis and Mary Moon. Dad you’ll have to look them up and see how we’re related. They are less active and they weren’t home when we tried to visit them a couple of weeks ago.
There’s a temple trip for the youth of our ward on Saturday and Sister Goodman and I will probably be going cause a recent convert is going to go. I’m excited to be able to go to the temple, it’s been so long. We’re going to the St. Lewis Temple. I’m pretty excited.
Well I think that’s about all for this week. It’s been pretty crazy and has gone by so fast.
I love getting letters from all of you. Keep sending them. 🙂 I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Sister Moon
Here are some photos – no descriptions

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