Week 9: Tornado Season!

Hey family and friends,

So this is tornado season! Last night a tornado hit town in Ava. Since we live out in the country about 10 miles out or town we weren’t affected by it which was good. Apparently sister Goodman and I slept through the hail storm and super bad winds. When we went into town today to write emails at the church we drove through town and saw all the damage from the tornado. There were a bunch of power lines out it was crazy. The power was out in the whole town of Ava and at the church so we couldn’t write emails. (We’re now at a member’s house so we could email) we wrote hand written letters for a while at the church mad then we went on a run into town and walked around where the tornado hit, there were tree branches everywhere and all the shops were closed with no power. We got to see our friend from the Mexican restaurant who we gave the Spanish Book of Mormon to. His house is really close to where the tornado hit but it didn’t get any damage.
This week we got to meet some less actives we’ve never met before. We met a lady named Sandra who has a Down’s syndrome. His name is Lloyd and he is so sweet. Sandra was offended years ago when someone said that Lloyd couldn’t be baptized even though he wanted to. So we offered to teach him so he could be baptized and she’s thinking about it. They are both super sweet and we’re going back to visit soon.
We started teaching a lady who has 6 kids. She is super cute and so interested in the church. She started being interested in the church because of sister wives…. Haha she got money help from the church which also got her interested as well. She just moved into a house in the ward boundaries, she’s fixing it up because the people before trashed it and the landlord said if she fixed it up and cleaned it she could live there rent free for 6 months. We taught her the restoration this week. It went pretty well, her kids were all over the place and there were a lot of distractions but she payed attention really well and when we got to the first vision portion it got really quiet and cal, while we were talking about it. It was so cool. It’s amazing how the spirit takes over if we just open our mouths.
Helge is still smoking. We’re not sure if she’s going to keep progressing. She says she is going to be done after her last pack so if she does we’ll keep teaching her and she’ll be baptized on the 24 of May. She’s super funny and always makes us laugh when we go over there.

A less active in our ward just had triple bi-pass surgery last week and he is home from the hospital now so we went to see him the other day. His wife and 3 kids are not members. It is a miracle that he lived through the surgery. They told us miracle after miracle that happened. His wife knows that God protected him and he talked about how things were “worked out” when we was dreaming during the surgery. He kept talking about a conversation that went on during that time. He talked about that he was scared to make the transition from priest to elder but that it was worked out at that time. I’m hoping that means once he’s recovered that he’s coming back to church. 

I will have to send more tomorrow our time got cut really short because of the power outage so we get to email a little bit tomorrow. But if not then I will write more next week. Everything’s great here in Ava and I’m loving the work
Hurrah for Israel !!!
Sister Moon

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