Week 10: Progress in Ava

Hey Family and Friends, 

I’m sorry for how short last week’s letter was. We only had a short while to write because of the power outage. Next week is Mother’s day! Happy mothers day to my amazing mother and sister-in-laws. And for all future mothers. 🙂
Happy Birthday Melinda!! I love you!
This week has been pretty good. I’m learning more and more every day.
Here are some experiences from last week that I didn’t have time to tell.
We met with Lisa last week and she told us about an awesome experience she had. We were talking to her and she said that she was praying at night and had a dream that God told her that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he actually saw God. It was awesome. Her only concern with baptism is that she doesn’t want to get asked the interview questions. She is so funny! When we first went over the questions with her and told her that’s what she was going to be asked, she called it a “mental frisking” haha It was so funny! I’ll have to get a picture with her sometime in the next few weeks. I have some pictures of her house that I will send this week.
This week we met with an investigator, Ashleigh, who got our number from her friend, Paige, who is a convert and she got a hold of us and wanted to meet with us. It took a couple of weeks but we were finally able to meet with her. She had so many questions and Paige was able to answer most of her questions. Paige gave her a Book of Mormon and she has been reading through it. She says that she will pray about something and then flip open to a random page and it will be just what she needs. It’s awesome! She already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and says she knows it’s true. Her family is not supportive at all but she says she doesn’t mind because she knows what she believes and no one is going to change her mind. She is living with her fiance and he is not supportive either. We aren’t sure if they are going to stay together but they are going to counseling to see if they can work things out. She is awesome! So after our first lesson with her she said she wanted to come to church before she prayed to know if it was true. So she said she would come to church on Sunday. She texted us on Saturday and said that she was praying and decided she needs to be baptized. We were so excited! We talked to her at church yesterday and she said she was praying about what she should do and she flipped open in the Book of Mormon and it was a scripture about baptism then she flipped open to another one about baptism as well. She says she feels really good about it and that it’s what she wants to do. We are so excited and we are going to set a date for her when we see her next!
We have been teaching Yolanda for about 3 weeks and she is so ready to receive the gospel! She is the one who get interested because of sister wives. haha We taught her the plan of salvation last week and it went really well. We found out that she is on parole right now because she wrote bad checks to make sure her family wasn’t homeless or starving. She is now doing all that she can to fix what she’s done and repent. She truly wants to change and fix things. It’s so amazing. This week we went out to her house that she is fixing up and worked all day there. The workers had done barely anything in the past 5 days and what they had done they did wrong so we helped her to fix things and get started on painting the walls and pulling up nails and staples in the floor. It will be a really nice house once it’s done. She has a son who is now going to live with her. He is awesome and is prepared to receive the gospel as well. We are excited for them!
We met with a former investigator, Joe, he is the sweetest old man! He got a Book of Mormon from someone he knew a while ago and he just pulled it out again and started reading it. He had a lot of questions and we were able to talk about Joseph Smith a lot. We are going to teach him the Restoration this week. He is definitely prepared as well!
We had lunch with a member family in our ward, the Wilbur’s, yesterday and the Atherton family came too. The father is the one who had the triple bi-pass surgery and he is doing really well. He came to church yesterday for the first time in a long time. While we were at the Wilbur’s, Brother Atherton said that he was preparing to receive the Melchizedek priesthood! We are so excited for him! Now his family just needs to join the church and it will be awesome!! We are going to have lessons with them in the Wilbur’s house starting next week hopefully. It’s definitely the time for them.
We are teaching Delbert again tonight. Last week we taught the first principles and ordinances of the gospel, and this week we are teaching about the priesthood again. It should be really good. Two weeks ago we talked about fore-ordination and it was a really amazing subject to research and study. I loved teaching it. I know that we truly are foeordained to be here at this time. Each one of us on the earth today were the noble and great ones, prepared to come down at this time to prepare God’s children for the second coming of Jesus Christ. I know that someday we will stand before our Heavenly Father with Jesus Christ at our side and he will welcome us home! I look forward to that day and I know that we will all be together as a family forever. I am so grateful for mom and dad for being righteous and making the choices that they have so that we can be a family eternally!
So yesterday during church we got a flat tire. When we left the house that morning the car dinged and said we has a low tire but it does that quite frequently so we drove to church. Then the bishop and another member of the ward changed it for us and put on the spare. So last night we had a member missionary fireside with President and Sister Shumway in West Plains, which is about an hour away from us. We couldn’t find anyone who could give us a ride so we started driving out to West Plains. We were kinda nervous about the tire but we said a prayer and started to drive out there. Then our ward mission leader texted us and said that he found a ride for us with his wife, as we were turning around the truck jumped out of gear and the motor shut off, it was so scary! So we turned around and got a ride with them. We have no idea what could have happened if we would have kept going. I know that the Lord was watching out for us. We were late to the fireside but we were joking about it later and said “better late than dead” haha The fireside was awesome! I love President and Sister Shumway so much! They are so great! They talked about what a perfect missionary is and what a perfect member is and compared them and they are the same. Then they talked about how we can become the perfect members and missionaries by doing all we can do and allow Jesus Christ to make up the difference. Then we passed out a Book of Mormon to everyone that was there and President Shumway challenged them all to give it to a person that they were thinking about during the fireside. Sister Shumway also gave 2 invitations for the next week. 1. Talk to a stranger about the gospel and 2. Pray to be directed to someone they know and talk to them about the gospel. I want to issue the same challenge to each of you. Please find a stranger and someone you know that you can share the gospel with and send me an email with your experience, even if it goes poorly, the Lord will bless you because of your faith! Sister Shumway talked about the 20 seconds of insane fear right as you start to talk to someone and after that it goes away. So we just have to get over that 20 seconds of insane fear and sharing the gospel will become easier and the spirit will take over and you will know what to say. I know that is true! It has happened so many times for me and I know it will happen for you. If we just open our mouths and speak, they will be filled by the Holy Ghost.
I love you and miss you all! I hope everyone has a great week full of missionary experiences!
Me in front of Lisa’s
Garbage piles around her house
Dead turkey on the side of the road. Gross! Turkey season in Ava!
Broken pole from the tornado

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