Week 14: Transfers. I’m staying in Ava!

Hey Family and Friends,

I am staying here in Ava and I will be with Sister Mordicai. Sister Goodman is going to Bartlesville, Oklahoma with Sister Southam.
I don’t have a lot of time today. We’re leaving for Tulsa in about 30 minutes. It’s been a pretty good week. We had a lot of Sisters in our ward come out with us this week. It has been great. The sisters in our ward never come out with us so we’re glad that their starting to warm up to us and get excited about missionary work.
Doran Simmons got baptized on Saturday and it was so great! He is turning 9 next week and his family has been less active for a while, but they turned things around and his dad was able to baptize him! It was such a sweet experience. His dad looks super tough, he has tattoos all over and has a beard. But he shaved it off just for Doran’s baptism, and he was crying the whole time. He got all choked up in the font and could hardly say the words. It was so sweet.
A cool experience that happened this week was while we were walking to an appointment and they weren’t home so we were walking back to the square and we passed a house of a former investigator and she was outside with a bunch of other people. One of them started talking to us and asking questions. He talked about how his wife and kids had been killed in an accident not too long ago and that he is living with his sister for a few weeks and that he would be interested in learning more. We haven’t been able to meet with him yet but we are going to soon.
Also we have an appointment with Ernie, he came to the church on Sunday and was filling out a food order and set up a time to meet with us. He said to Sister Michael, the one taking his food order, that if he had time that he would have stayed at church, he said he really wanted to but that he had to go to work. He’s a super great guy! I’m excited to teach him.
Bucky has been coming to church for the past 4 weeks. He and his fiance came to Doran’s baptism with all their kids and two of the girls came to church yesterday. He is such a great guy and he already seems like a member.
Not too much happened this week. We’re still teaching the same people, we haven’t dropped anyone or started teaching anyone new yet but I’ll let you know when we do.
I’m nervous to take over the area but I’m excited that I get to stay in Ava. Sister Goodman is sad to leave and I’m sad that she’s leaving too!
I love that mom sends scriptures every week and I think I will start doing that too. This week I have a couple to share. Alma 37:33-35 and Ether 12:27 Our mission has been focusing on Pride and being stripped of pride. It’s something I have noticed in myself and something that I need to get rid of. I love these scriptures!
I love and miss all of you!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Sister Moon

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