Week 15: Busy Busy Week!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a crazy week, but it’s been good! The beginning of the week consisted of saying goodbye to a lot of people, well.. Sister Goodman was saying goodbye.
Monday we went to Tulsa for Sister Goodman’s hand appointment. It was such a long day!! 4 hours there and back. But it was pretty fun. Sister Goodman just has to have physical therapy twice a week for her hand.

Sister Mordecai is awesome!! We get along super well and she is a really great missionary! She’s from Lehi, Utah and has been out for 16 months, so she has 2 transfers left. I hope that I will be able to stay with her till the end of her mission. Things have been so crazy the past couple of days getting everything organized and there were a lot of things that needed to be fixed and changed so that we can work really hard here. I’m excited to be with Sister Mordecai! We went through the ward list with the bishop yesterday for 2 hours! But it was so good! Now we are ready to work super hard to get people back to church. There are 428 members of the ward in Ava and about 200 of those are active. It’s so crazy! Half the people on there no one even knows who they are or where they live. It’s crazy!
So on Thursday we went to the transfer point to drop off Sister Goodman and pick up Sister Mordecai. We got there and waited about an hour for the transfer cars to get there, so we talked to other missionaries for a while and then I met Sister Mordecai and said bye to Sister Goodman. Once we got back to Ava we dropped off Sister Mordecai’s stuff at the house and then we went to Seymour for our dinner appointment and to teach an investigator who lives there. Her name is Pam. Her son is a less active member and she knows the church is true but she just needs to quit smoking. We met with her twice this week on Thursday and on Sunday. We set a baptismal date with her forJuly 12!! WOOOOO!! We’re so excited! We know she can do it! We put pictures of Christ on all of her cigarette packs. It was awesome! She came to church yesterday too which was awesome too!
Friday night we had dinner with the Shoults family, Bucky and his fiance, Mary was there, and the Simmons family. We had the lesson on the Restoration with them and it was so great! We were so glad that Bucky could be there. He and Mary also went to church on Sunday and they said they are going to get married soon! They were going to wait for a year to get married but for some reason are going to get married sooner! They are so prepared! He goes to service projects, church for the past 4 weeks, they went to Doran’s baptism and they have great friends in the church. It’s so great!
We milked a cow this week!! It was Sister Mordecai’s first day and we went to dinner with a family who has a farm. They had to go milk the cow right after dinner so we asked if we could help. It was so weird! haha I’ve milked one before but it’s been a long time. It was awesome. I’ll send the pictures of it.
Not much else was too exciting.. Next week I’m sure I’ll have some good stories and experiences. There’s just been so much shuffling and organizing so that we can help Ava grow!
I will send pictures next week cause I forgot my cord… ooops!

I love you all and miss you! 🙂

Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

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