Week 16 : I Love to See the Temple!

Dear Family and Friends,
We get to go to the temple on Saturday!! Woooo! Our ward has a new member baptism temple trip every month and we get to go because we have a couple of new members who are going for the first time! It’s so exciting! The temple is 4 hours away tho so it’s going to be a long day, a long awesome day! We’re going to the St. Louis MO temple. I’m so excited! I’ll send you pictures of it next week!
So this week has been crazy busy because of transfers and helping Sister Mordecai get familiar with the area but it’s been so good!
On Monday night we were supposed to eat dinner with the Stovall family, but it didn’t work out so their non-member secretary volunteered to take us. It was awesome. We’ve met her only a couple times but we all got along really well so she and her friend went with us to dinner. It was awesome. Now we are convieniently stopping at their office every once in a while to drop things off for them and just happen to talk about the gospel with her. It’s been really good and we’re hoping that the more she comes in contact with the church that she will be open to taking the lessons.
I think I’ve talked about Bucky and Mary before but if not. They are friends with the Stovalls as well. Bucky is a direct decendant of Joseph Smith and he has been friends with brother Stovall for a long time. He grew up RLDS, but wasn’t active in it for a long time. Brother Stovall was RLDS as well before he met his wife and got baptized. Bucky is ready to be baptized and really wants to but he is waiting on Mary. They have been engaged for about 3 months and they were planning on getting married in about a year when Sister Goodman and I got here. Then last week Bucky was saying that they were thinking about getting married in a couple months. Then on Friday Brother Stovall called us at about 5:00 and told us that Bucky and Mary were getting married at 6:00. I guess they decided at about 1:30 that day that they were going to get married. We had a dinner apointment that we couldn’t cancel so we were not able to go to the wedding even though we really wanted to. But we went to the reception after and got to congratulate them. It was so awesome! We were so excited when we heard the news. Now they’re one step closer to being baptized. We are just waiting for Mary to soften a little so that we can teach them the lessons and get them baptized. We know that they will sometime in the near future but we’re just not sure how soon that will be. We just continue to spend as much time around them as possible so they feel more comfortable with us and hopefully Mary will be comfortable taking the lessons from us. They continue to come to church every week with their family and they even go to all the service progects too and all the ward activities. It’s awesome!
We taught Emily and Jake this week and they have a date to be baptized on July 5. We are now focusing on her mom who is less active so that the twins can have support so they don’t get baptized and then just fall away and never come. It’s just really hard cause she works almost every Sunday but we are working with her on that and hopefully she’ll start coming on the days she doesn’t work.
On Saturday we basically did service all day. It was really great. So we went to the ward service project at the Bruces, mowed their lawn and cleaned up around their house, we got done a lot quicker than we thought we would because there were so many people there so we did the same thing at a less active’s house named Joni. Then we went home to change and did some yard work for Sister Weidemier and then we went to the Stovalls and helped them build their house. They are building a cob house. So we had to mix the clay, sand, and straw and put it onto their house. It’s so cool!! I’ll send you pictures of it when we go and help them build again. I forgot to take pictures again…. haha I’ll get better at remembering someday…
That’s all the exciting news for this week.
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!! To my wonderful dad and all my wonderful brothers!
Hurrah for Israel!
Love you all
Sister Moon

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