Week 17: Meet Me in St. Louis!

Dear Family and Friends,

That song has been stuck in my head since we went to the temple on Saturday. Haha Going to the temple was so great!! I love the temple! The peace you feel just being inside is so completely amazing! This week has been super crazy and I can’t even remember half of the things we’ve done this week.
The most exciting news is that we’re having a baptism on Saturday! Lisa is getting baptized! We’re so excited for her!
We met a really Anti guy the other day. His wife is an inactive member and her mom is a member as well. He blew smoke in our faces and hates Joseph Smith. It was sad. We won’t be going back there!
So after we went to the temple on Saturday we had a wedding and a baptism. Carrie and Jim got married at 7 and then Carrie got baptized at 8. It was awesome!
Today we are going to Mammoth Springs for a Zone Outing. So that will be fun. Sorry my letter is super short this week but we don’t have a lot of time today.
Mary and Bucky are in Utah for the week with the Stovalls so we aren’t able to see them for a while, but Brother Stovall said that they will probably be ready for lessons when they get back. They also took their secretary Kelsey with them and said she has to live by mormon standards while she’s with them. She was asking Bucky questions about the church the other day so she’s interested in the gospel! It’s so exciting!
I love you all!
Sister Moon

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