Week 22: Toes Lost & Pregnant Pigs!

Hey Family and Friends,

I forgot to send my new address last week, so I will do that now so I don’t forget.
208 Water Tower Rd.
Gore, Ok 74435

So it’s been a pretty crazy week. It’s been super good though. So on Tuesday we went home to eat lunch and then when we left we locked the keys in our house! So we were calling the owner of the house trying to find out if there was a spare key, our neighbor came over and said that the elders got locked out a couple of times and that they crawled in the front window, so he opened the window and his daughter crawled in and opened the door. Then we went on an exchange with a 16 year old in our ward, Shawna. After the exchange we were getting ready to drive to dinner and realized we had lost our phone. We thought we left it in Shawna’s car but we weren’t sure. We had directions to our dinner appointment but they were wrong so we stopped at a restaurant and borrowed someone’s phone so we could call them and get directions to their house. It was so crazy! But we finally got to their house had dinner and then went to a meeting with the bishop. He called Shawna and she gave our phone back to us. It was just a crazy day. I don’t know how we could function without a phone in the mission. Especially here since no one has addresses and we get lost all the time. haha
So we found out this week that Elder Oaks is coming to our stake conference in September! Everyone here’s super excited and I hope that I’ll still be here next transfer so I can go! That would be so cool! President Monson came to this stake 30 years ago and they haven’t had a general authority speak here since.
On Wednesday the Traveling Sister Training Leaders came to Gore and we did splits with them. It was really fun. It was awesome to get a lot done and we both got to meet a lot of people we hadn’t yet. We are moving down the list and meeting a lot of people still. It’s hard to keep everyone straight here since basically all of them have the same last names.
We’ve had a couple crazy dinner experiences here. So last week I forgot to tell you one. So last Sunday we went to dinner with a family who has 4 kids. While we were sharing the message after dinner we heard a bang and their youngest girl crying. They went into the kitchen and we could see a little blood on the floor and her mom thought it was her lip. But then she figured out it was her toes and that the tips of two of her toes were hanging off! So they took her to the doctor and we left. We found out later that they couldn’t do anything about it and the tips of her toes are just going to fall off. So so sad! ūüė¶ But she’s alright, so it’s good. It could have been a lot worse. So another time we were at dinner. We went out to see their pigs who are pregnant. They sell and show pigs. So they have 4 huge pigs in their back yard. (Pictures below) Then they saw that one of the pigs was loosing her babies, so we watched the pig give birth to dead pigs. It was so sad. It was interesting…but still sad. The other pigs should be having their piglets in September so we are going to go back and see the live ones if we’re still here. Fun Fact, Pigs are pregnant for 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days!
We also pet a deer this week! So a part member family we went to go see has a pet deer in their front yard and it just came over to us and wanted us to pet it. It was so crazy!! haha
This week we planned for 9 investigators to have a baptismal date by the end of this week! We think we might have lost one potential but the rest we feel is pretty solid! So maybe we’ll just have 8 but that is still a lot and we think we can do it.
That’s it for now! Gore is about to explode with missionary work. I’m excited to be here!
Hurrah for Israel
Sister Moon

Week 21: Gore – Population 900.

Hey Family and Friends!

I’m now in Gore, Oklahoma. We got all settled in and things are going great so far! So Monday through Wednesday we basically just said bye to tons of people! It was so sad but it was a good week. I’m sending a lot of pictures in this email to make up for my lack of them in my last couple emails.
¬†I am with Sister Storrs and she is awesome! She has super curly red hair and she looks like Merida off of the movie Brave! It’s awesome! haha She is from Louisiana and she is a visa waiter. She has been out for 11 months and she has one more month waiting for her visa and then if she doesn’t get it then she’ll just be staying here for the rest of her mission. And she’s a Sister Training LEader so we will be going on a ton of exchanges. Which will be exciting. Also we have Traveling Sister Training Leaders who are coming on Wednesday to do splits with us. So that will be exciting.
We live in a house by ourselves. It’s so cool. It’s nice! Basically everyone is related here. They either have the last name Hubler or Hunt. It’s crazy! haha So we have basically just been trying to figure out the area for the past couple of days. The elders who left actually left the house clean and drew us maps and everything! We are super proud of them cause most elders do not do well when sisters come in. They did a good job though!
Guess what? I’m driving another truck! haha It’s so funny! There are only a few trucks in the mission and I happen to drive two of them.
Also when we got to the house we opened up the fridge cause we were hungry and there were no joke 20 bags of shredded cheese in the fridge. And then we opened the freezer and there were 5 pizzas and 4 half gallons of orange ice cream. The elders did not eat healthy! I have no clue why they needed so much cheese!! haha
Yesterday we were basically at church the whole day. It was crazy. We had church and then a potluck and a missionary fireside after that. We didn’t leave until 4! We have an investigator with a baptismal date. And we’re teaching an 8 year old Myah, her mom is less active and her dad’s not a member. She has a 6 year old sister and a 2 year old brother. They are so cute! I love teaching kids sooo soo much!! ūüôā
Well that’s all i’ve got for this week!
I love and miss you all!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
(She sent the photos wrong, so maybe they will come next week)

Week 20: Gore, Oklahoma (Transfers)

Hey Family and Friends!

Guess what? I’m getting transferred to Gore Oklahoma! My companion is Sister Storrs… I’m not sure how to spell her name yet but it’s pronounced stores. It’s even smaller than Ava!!! How crazy is that?! I think the population is around 300 people! haha It will be awesome!! Sister Storrs is going to be a Sister Training Leader so I will be going on a lot of exchanges! Pretty crazy! Aaand we’re shotgunning after elders! I’m excited but so sad to leave Ava! I’ll be sure to send pictures of everyone here in Ava! And me and Sister Storrs.

Congratulations mom and dad on committing Stanley to baptism! That’s awesome!

This week has been pretty great! Jake and Emily are getting baptized¬†on Saturday! I’m so sad I won’t be there though. They are so cute!! We taught part of the lesson in primary¬†on Sunday¬†and they answered a lot of the questions that we asked and they answered them perfectly! They are soooo smart!

So I just found out that Bucky might be getting baptized really soon! He was talking to some members about it. I’m so excited for him!! It will be so awesome to see the pictures of it! We had an awesome conversation with them about baptism and word of wisdom the other day. Bucky is so ready to be baptized. He even asked us about Patriarchal Blessings! It was awesome!

Lisa is going to the temple to do baptisms on Saturday! It will be so awesome!

I went on exchanges¬†on Friday¬†and it was a really good one. Which is rare! haha Because usually things always go crazy on exchanges and every one cancels and it’s horrible but this one was good! We went tracting! My first time tracting! hahaha

I just love being a missionary!! It’s been so fun and I have loved serving in Ava. I’m excited to go somewhere new though. It will be fun!

We’ve had some awesome conversations with members this week. One of the young women we are close to got her patriarchal blessing¬†on Sunday¬†and we got to talk to her before. It was really great. Her mom is the lesbian who is less active and her partner is starting to take the lessons. It’s such a crazy situation.

That’s all for this week! I’ll let y’all know how things go with transfers and everything. I love you all!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Week 19: Happy Independence Day!

Hey Family and Friends!

Happy 4th of July! It sounds like every one had a great 4th! We had a great day too! Sister Mordecai and I got into 3 water fights throughout the day. That morning we helped Sister Wiedmeier do some gardening and her grandsons were staying at the house for a couple of days. They squirted us with squirt guns and then one of them got me with the hose! It was so funny! Then we went to the Simmons, a family who is returning to activity and had another water fight with them and their daughter. Then we bought more water guns and water balloons and had another water fight with the Wiedmeiers this time with their son, his wife and 3 boys (they live in the ward too) + another sister in law and her 2 boys and LISA! Who just got baptized. It was so great! She’s so funny! Then we watched fireworks with them and went to bed. We were sooo so tired the next day and sore from running. But it was a really good day.

Bucky and Mary who just got back from a 16 day trip with the Stovalls. They were at the Simmons house for the 4th as well. They came back and said that they went to the St. George temple visitor center and when they came out their daughter said she wants to get baptized! So they asked for lessons with the whole family!! We are so happy that they want the lessons now! We have to wait for two weeks though cause the kids are at their dad’s. But once they get back we’ll start teaching them.

Transfer calls are¬†on Saturday. I hope I don’t get transferred! That would be so sad! I want to be there when they get baptized! If I do get transferred I hope I’m close so I can go to the baptism. So I’ll let y’all know what happens next week. (yes I did just use y’all haha)

So¬†on Tuesday¬†we did service for the bishop…. Guess what we did!?! We sheared sheep! It was so crazy!! haha I’ll have to send pictures next week cause I forgot my cord at home. Or you can see them on Facebook once the bishop’s wife is added on Facebook. They posted a video too. A bunch of members have come up to us asking about it cause of the pictures on Facebook. haha It was so fun!

If I’m not transferred then I get to go to the temple again with Lisa! We are going on the 19 which is 2 days after transfers. Lisa is so awesome! She’s super excited to get baptized for her family.

On Saturday¬†night Sister Wiedmeier came out with us and we went to see a less active named Dalton and his dad, Mike who is not a member. Dalton is 16. So when we got there just his dad was there so we talked to him about the Book of Mormon, the sisters before us had given him one to read. He is so open and willing to learn. He never disagreed with anything we said and he was nodding the whole time. Then about 30 minutes later Dalton came in and we talked to him about coming back to church. He was skirting around the question and said he would try. We talked to him a lot about the Savior and why He wanted him to come to church and a lot about the Atonement. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and it looked like Dalton was about to cry. It was so amazing. But Dalton didn’t come to church. We have a lesson with him and his dad this week so we’re hoping that by teaching his dad and if he comes to church then it will be easier for Dalton to come to church. The whole time we were talking to Dalton, Mike was nodding his head the whole time so we are really excited to start teaching him. They are both so great!

The work is going really great here! I love Ava so much and I hope that I get to stay here at least one more transfer! I love you and miss you all! ūüôā

Hurrah for Israel! Yes mom! It is true! ūüôā

Sister Moon

Week 18: Lisa Got Baptized!

Dear Friends and Family,

Lisa got baptized¬†on Saturday!! It was such a great day! She has been coming to church for 2 years and she’s finally baptized! She was about 20 minutes late, which made us a little nervous. Sister Wiedmeier picked her up and she took a really long shower so that’s why they were late. But she came!
This week has been really crazy. Which seems to be the pattern lately. I went on another exchange this week. I was in Marshfield for the day. It was pretty good. Exchanges are always crazy and things never work out the way they are planned. That’s usually the day that no one is home and everything falls through. But that’s kinda how the whole week has been. We’ve gone to so many houses and their not home. But this week should be better.
We had a wedding reception for the Gray’s who got married last weekend. It went really well and then we went to the¬†4th of July¬†celebration at the nursing home in Ava. It was so awesome. We walked around and talked to a lot of people. We met this one guy who has a Book of Mormon and said we could come teach him. We are going to call him this week and set up an appointment.
This weekend was stake conference and it was awesome! Lisa came with us both days. We had an adult session Saturday night and then the general session on Sunday. It was in West Plains, which is about an hour and a half away from Ava, so we did a lot of driving in the past couple of days.
Something cool that happened after Lisa’s baptism, we went to contact some formers and no one was home, so we were trying to figure out what to do before we had to leave for Stake Conference. So we went to visit a less active named Dalton, he’s 16 years old. So basically what happened was Sister Mordecai interrogated him about why he wasn’t coming to church and it was just what he needed. It was crazy how bold she was. I would be so scared to do that. It was awesome. Now he’s going to come back to church next week.
Sorry my emails keep getting shorter and shorter. I will do better next week, but this week hasn’t been as busy as past weeks. So many people weren’t home when we would try to visit. But things are still going really great here.
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
IMG_9676 IMG_9675
Gross frogs on our windows
Us with Lisa at her baptism