Week 18: Lisa Got Baptized!

Dear Friends and Family,

Lisa got baptized on Saturday!! It was such a great day! She has been coming to church for 2 years and she’s finally baptized! She was about 20 minutes late, which made us a little nervous. Sister Wiedmeier picked her up and she took a really long shower so that’s why they were late. But she came!
This week has been really crazy. Which seems to be the pattern lately. I went on another exchange this week. I was in Marshfield for the day. It was pretty good. Exchanges are always crazy and things never work out the way they are planned. That’s usually the day that no one is home and everything falls through. But that’s kinda how the whole week has been. We’ve gone to so many houses and their not home. But this week should be better.
We had a wedding reception for the Gray’s who got married last weekend. It went really well and then we went to the 4th of July celebration at the nursing home in Ava. It was so awesome. We walked around and talked to a lot of people. We met this one guy who has a Book of Mormon and said we could come teach him. We are going to call him this week and set up an appointment.
This weekend was stake conference and it was awesome! Lisa came with us both days. We had an adult session Saturday night and then the general session on Sunday. It was in West Plains, which is about an hour and a half away from Ava, so we did a lot of driving in the past couple of days.
Something cool that happened after Lisa’s baptism, we went to contact some formers and no one was home, so we were trying to figure out what to do before we had to leave for Stake Conference. So we went to visit a less active named Dalton, he’s 16 years old. So basically what happened was Sister Mordecai interrogated him about why he wasn’t coming to church and it was just what he needed. It was crazy how bold she was. I would be so scared to do that. It was awesome. Now he’s going to come back to church next week.
Sorry my emails keep getting shorter and shorter. I will do better next week, but this week hasn’t been as busy as past weeks. So many people weren’t home when we would try to visit. But things are still going really great here.
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
IMG_9676 IMG_9675
Gross frogs on our windows
Us with Lisa at her baptism

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