Week 20: Gore, Oklahoma (Transfers)

Hey Family and Friends!

Guess what? I’m getting transferred to Gore Oklahoma! My companion is Sister Storrs… I’m not sure how to spell her name yet but it’s pronounced stores. It’s even smaller than Ava!!! How crazy is that?! I think the population is around 300 people! haha It will be awesome!! Sister Storrs is going to be a Sister Training Leader so I will be going on a lot of exchanges! Pretty crazy! Aaand we’re shotgunning after elders! I’m excited but so sad to leave Ava! I’ll be sure to send pictures of everyone here in Ava! And me and Sister Storrs.

Congratulations mom and dad on committing Stanley to baptism! That’s awesome!

This week has been pretty great! Jake and Emily are getting baptized on Saturday! I’m so sad I won’t be there though. They are so cute!! We taught part of the lesson in primary on Sunday and they answered a lot of the questions that we asked and they answered them perfectly! They are soooo smart!

So I just found out that Bucky might be getting baptized really soon! He was talking to some members about it. I’m so excited for him!! It will be so awesome to see the pictures of it! We had an awesome conversation with them about baptism and word of wisdom the other day. Bucky is so ready to be baptized. He even asked us about Patriarchal Blessings! It was awesome!

Lisa is going to the temple to do baptisms on Saturday! It will be so awesome!

I went on exchanges on Friday and it was a really good one. Which is rare! haha Because usually things always go crazy on exchanges and every one cancels and it’s horrible but this one was good! We went tracting! My first time tracting! hahaha

I just love being a missionary!! It’s been so fun and I have loved serving in Ava. I’m excited to go somewhere new though. It will be fun!

We’ve had some awesome conversations with members this week. One of the young women we are close to got her patriarchal blessing on Sunday and we got to talk to her before. It was really great. Her mom is the lesbian who is less active and her partner is starting to take the lessons. It’s such a crazy situation.

That’s all for this week! I’ll let y’all know how things go with transfers and everything. I love you all!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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