Week 22: Toes Lost & Pregnant Pigs!

Hey Family and Friends,

I forgot to send my new address last week, so I will do that now so I don’t forget.
208 Water Tower Rd.
Gore, Ok 74435

So it’s been a pretty crazy week. It’s been super good though. So on Tuesday we went home to eat lunch and then when we left we locked the keys in our house! So we were calling the owner of the house trying to find out if there was a spare key, our neighbor came over and said that the elders got locked out a couple of times and that they crawled in the front window, so he opened the window and his daughter crawled in and opened the door. Then we went on an exchange with a 16 year old in our ward, Shawna. After the exchange we were getting ready to drive to dinner and realized we had lost our phone. We thought we left it in Shawna’s car but we weren’t sure. We had directions to our dinner appointment but they were wrong so we stopped at a restaurant and borrowed someone’s phone so we could call them and get directions to their house. It was so crazy! But we finally got to their house had dinner and then went to a meeting with the bishop. He called Shawna and she gave our phone back to us. It was just a crazy day. I don’t know how we could function without a phone in the mission. Especially here since no one has addresses and we get lost all the time. haha
So we found out this week that Elder Oaks is coming to our stake conference in September! Everyone here’s super excited and I hope that I’ll still be here next transfer so I can go! That would be so cool! President Monson came to this stake 30 years ago and they haven’t had a general authority speak here since.
On Wednesday the Traveling Sister Training Leaders came to Gore and we did splits with them. It was really fun. It was awesome to get a lot done and we both got to meet a lot of people we hadn’t yet. We are moving down the list and meeting a lot of people still. It’s hard to keep everyone straight here since basically all of them have the same last names.
We’ve had a couple crazy dinner experiences here. So last week I forgot to tell you one. So last Sunday we went to dinner with a family who has 4 kids. While we were sharing the message after dinner we heard a bang and their youngest girl crying. They went into the kitchen and we could see a little blood on the floor and her mom thought it was her lip. But then she figured out it was her toes and that the tips of two of her toes were hanging off! So they took her to the doctor and we left. We found out later that they couldn’t do anything about it and the tips of her toes are just going to fall off. So so sad! 😦 But she’s alright, so it’s good. It could have been a lot worse. So another time we were at dinner. We went out to see their pigs who are pregnant. They sell and show pigs. So they have 4 huge pigs in their back yard. (Pictures below) Then they saw that one of the pigs was loosing her babies, so we watched the pig give birth to dead pigs. It was so sad. It was interesting…but still sad. The other pigs should be having their piglets in September so we are going to go back and see the live ones if we’re still here. Fun Fact, Pigs are pregnant for 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days!
We also pet a deer this week! So a part member family we went to go see has a pet deer in their front yard and it just came over to us and wanted us to pet it. It was so crazy!! haha
This week we planned for 9 investigators to have a baptismal date by the end of this week! We think we might have lost one potential but the rest we feel is pretty solid! So maybe we’ll just have 8 but that is still a lot and we think we can do it.
That’s it for now! Gore is about to explode with missionary work. I’m excited to be here!
Hurrah for Israel
Sister Moon

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