Week 26: Welcome to the Promised Land!

Hey Family and Friends!
Gore truly is the promised land! That is what bishop says every Sunday! He is awesome! There is so much work to do here in Gore. It is exploding with missionary work! We have a lot of baptisms lined up for this next transfer! Sister Storrs leaves for tomorrow for Brazil! It came way too fast! So I will be in a trio for a couple days until my new companion comes. Her name is Sister Wise. She goes home in 2 transfers.
We reached our goal for 50 lessons this week! It was so awesome and we got over 70% member present lessons! It was a miracle! I absolutely love Gore! We got 6 lessons on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, 9 on Wednesday, 8 on Thursday, none on Friday, 15 on Saturday, and 5on Sunday! And we have 7 new investigators! It was an awesome week!
Myah got baptized yesterday and it was so awesome! She’s so cute! In her interview with the bishop she asked why Sister Storrs had to leave! She loves when we come over it’s so fun!
We are teaching a family who’s dad, Jeremy, is returning to activity. And the rest of the family are not members. His wife Krysten and 2 kids have baptismal dates, and the other 2 kids are 6 and 2. Bryan, Tyler, Kayden, and Jayci. They all have a Y in their names! They are the cutest family! I love teaching them! They have a date for October! 
Another investigator picked her own baptismal date for September 21. And we have Jenna’s baptism on my birthday! September 7. She’s awesome and I’m excited for her. 
There are so many miracles that happened this week. It would take me forever to type them all out. But I’m still writing them in my journal! 
On Friday we had our Zone Conference, and I’m sure all of you heard about Sister Nancy Vea, who passed away in a car accident while traveling to our conference. We were at the conference when the accident happened and received updates on all the missionaries throughout the conference. Sister Vea was in our Zone and Sister Storrs and I met her last week and her companion Sister Petersen came out on her mission the same time that I did. There were two elders and two sisters in the wreck along with the 2 members who were driving. The rest of the people in the accident are alright. She will be missed! But she is still doing her missionary work on the other side. We have been praying nonstop for her family and all those who were involved in the accident. 
That’s it for this week! Sister Storrs has to go pack for Brazil! I’m going to miss her soo sooo much! I love her and all that she’s taught me! 
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Week 25 – 40 Day Fast Miracles!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been a crazy awesome week! So when Sister Storrs and I got to Gore, they had already started a 40 day fast. That’s where members of the ward sign up for a day to fast and it goes on for 40 days. And everyone who signs up, fasts for missionary work. Yesterday was the last day of the fast, so Sister Storrs and I signed up for the last day. It was so awesome! So many miracles have come from it! 

First of all, this is Sister Storrs’ last week in this mission until she goes to Brazil! So we made a goal to teach 50 lessons this week! We are going to be so busy, splits all the time. It will be awesome! I’m so excited. I might be worn out by the end of the week but it will be so worth it! 
We have a baptism coming up next Sunday! Myah’s getting baptized, she’s so cute! She was going to have it on the 31 but then she found out Sister Storrs wouldn’t be there so she moved it up. It’s so exciting! And Sister Storrs and I are singing in Church cause it’s Sister Storrs’ last Sunday. We’ve been telling all our investigators and less actives so they’ll come. 🙂
So we moved Jenna’s baptism to September 7! On my birthday! It will be so awesome! I’m excited. It’s the best birthday present ever! 🙂 She’s doing really good, she’s learning a lot and she’s been teaching us the lessons the past few times so we know she understands them. 
Yesterday we had 7 investigators and 7 less actives at church! It was the best day ever! It was a miracle! But we’re thinking more will be there next week! It will be awesome! There were 169 at church yesterday, that’s the highest it’s been in a long time, maybe ever. I’m so glad I am here to see these miracles happen!
So after church we went to the Kregger’s house boat for lunch and they are friends with the Nashville Tribute Band, so one of the lead singers was at church and was staying with them. So we got to meet him and he gave us all their CDs and he signed them. It was awesome. I absolutely love their music. And the band wrote a song about the Kreggers house boat so we got to listen to that. It’s so funny! 
We had a lesson with a less active who hasn’t been to church since he was little but we have been teaching him and his family. He was talking to us about how he wants to come back to church and how his wife wants to be sealed to him and the kids. She’s not baptized so we are teaching her the lessons. It’s so amazing. He has things that he needs to work out, Word of Wisdom stuff, but he’s doing it. He’s trying his hardest and he’s coming to church with his family next week. 
This is the funniest thing that happened this week. So we have been trying to teach a part member family for a while and haven’t been able to get a hold of them. We finally got to talk to them last night, so the dad is a member and his wife and kids are not. Beth and Justin are their kids and they want to be baptized…. well Beth does, not so sure about Justin. But We were trying to have a lesson with them but Justin didn’t want to, so Sister Storrs was trying to find something that she could beat him at so we could have a lesson. So Sister Storrs said that if she could beat him in a race then he would have to listen to the lesson. They raced but Sister Storrs had a disadvantage cause she’s in a skirt. So Justin went inside and put a dress on and raced her. We could not stop laughing!! It was the funniest thing ever! But Sister Storrs beat him so we had a lesson! It was awesome! Beth is super sweet and we’re going to be teaching her and she’s coming to church next Sunday.
Now for the finale!! We were planning last night and we got a phone call from a random Missouri number. It was a call from Ava! They got permission to call me, and Bucky one of my investigators got on the phone and told me that he is getting BAPTIZED on Thursday! I was so excited!!! He said that he’s been reading my blog and how he was touched that I said he was ready to be baptized! So cool! Heavenly Father is so cool! He works in mysterious ways! 
I love being a missionary! I would not change my decision to serve for anything! I know why I’m on a mission and why I am here! I love the gospel and my Heavenly Father so much! I have never grown more than I have on my mission! 
Hurrah for Israel!!
Sister Moon

Week 24: Busy Fantastic Week!

Hey family and friends!

This week was a pretty fantastic week. We’re busy busy all the time and things are going really well. The ward is getting more involved in exchanges and it’s been really fun with the sisters that have come on visits with us. Awesome things are happening in Gore!
We started teaching a 13 year old named Jenna. She is so cute! She’s living with inactive members and we were going to visit them one day and she came out and started talking to us. She has a brother who is 15 and a cousin who is 10.. i think. Her cousin was just visiting for the weekend and he is super awesome and knows a lot about religion and is so open. I’m sad we won’t be able to continue to teach him. But he has a Book of Mormon and has been reading it! The first time we went over we talked about reading the scriptures and praying every day. We went back a couple days later and they had been reading!! It was so awesome! Then we talked about faith and taught the restoration. We set a baptismal date for her on September 6! And she came to church yesterday! We invited her to come to church and she said she had already invited herself to go with an active member who lives next to her. It was awesome. Now she’s going to go to young women’s on Wednesdays. It’s awesome and she is so excited about the gospel and just wants to keep learning more!
We were teaching a 84 year old man and he is so prepared! He just doesn’t want to be taught. It’s so sad. We went to have a lesson with him and he talked the entire time and wouldn’t let us talk. We can’t teach him anymore because he won’t listen. It’s so sad. He lives next to some members who continue to work with him. And we took a member over who is going to go back with her husband and fellowship him. Once he’s ready to take the lessons we can teach him again.
Myah is 8 and she’s getting baptized on August 23. She is so cute and is learning so much! I love their family. Her and her sister are so smart and they are coming to church every week!
Yesterday church was so awesome! 5 non members came to church and 4 less actives! It was awesome!
We have been going over to see a man named Leon for a couple weeks and he came to church yesterday!!! We were so happy! We almost fell out of our seats we were so surprised! He looked so happy! Church really does make people so happy! It’s awesome! I love it!
We went on two exchanges this week and they went really well! I really like going on exchanges. They are so fun and we get to meet a lot of sisters and the people form their areas. It’s awesome! They are stressful sometimes when they come to our area cause they don’t know anyone so you have to do a lot of things yourself, but they are so awesome! I was with Sister De Mie on Friday and she reminds me so much of Emma Cundick (now Petersen). It was so strange! It’s like my best friend came with me on my mission. Sister De Mie and I came out at the same time. It was so fun! We had a really good day. They have awesome investigators. It was so cool!
Youth Conference was this last week and the youth all went to Nauvoo! They all said they had a really great time! A non member went with one of the youth in our ward and she had an amazing time! She came to church yesterday and bore her testimony to the whole ward! She said that she knows the church is true and she wants to be baptized. Her parents are Jewish and she grew up Jewish so they aren’t supportive right now. But she is so ready for the gospel and we are going to start teaching her. She is awesome!! She has dreams that are so symbolic. It’s so cool! We’ve been talking about them an what they mean. Heavenly Father is preparing her! I love the gospel!! 🙂
It was Ward Conference on Sunday! It was awesome! The stake and ward leaders all went on visits after church so Sister Storrs and I went on splits with the leaders. It was awesome! Ward and Stake Conference are awesome! Stake conference is in September and Elder Oaks is coming to our stake!! So I get to meet him!! It’s going to be so awesome! Everyone is so excited! President Monson visited this stake 30 years ago before he was the prophet and this is the first time a general authority has been here since. It’s so awesome! Sister Storrs is so sad that she’s going to miss him just barely!
I love being a missionary! It is such a great experience! I love you and miss you all!! Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Me and Sister De Mie!

Week 23: Brazil, Exchanges, and Miracles!

Hey Family and Friends,

To start off this week’s email I want to announce that my companion got her visa and is leaving to go to Brazil at the end of this transfer! She’s so excited but scared to go. It’ll be so good for her though. She’s been practicing her Portuguese this week and she’s going to teach me how to pray in Portuguese! We are going to practice a hymn and sing it in sacrament meeting maybe. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll record it if we don’t sing it at church.

Sorry I didn’t email yesterday. Sister Storrs was at a meeting in Bentonville and I was in Alma, Arkansas for the day with another sister so we didn’t have a p-day. But I’m glad I get to email today.
Sister Shumway came out with us this week, after district meeting, to help Sister Storrs with her Sister Training Leader stuff. So that was really cool. Except that we didn’t have any lessons that worked out the whole day. It was awful. It was a good thing that Sister Shumway was only with us for 2 hours.
Then the next day was weekly planning and it took forever! Then we went out for a couple of hours and still no one was home and we couldn’t get lessons. But we had a lesson over at the bishop’s house with a girl who works for him but is moving, she was super open and willing to hear about the gospel but she brought a friend with her who was not very open and dominated a lot of the lesson. It was still a really spiritual and powerful lesson, but he wasn’t very open.
The next day, Friday, we went on exchanges and that is when Sister Storrs found out she got her visa! So I wasn’t even there when she decided she was going to go. She had a choice whether to stay in this mission or go to Brazil and she chose to go. I was with Sister Rust in Gore for the exchange and it was an awesome day! Everyone that we wanted to visit was home and let us in. We had really good lessons and a lot of people committed to come to church (not all of them showed up….) but it was just a really good day.
One experience in particular was really awesome! So we went to dinner with a really great older couple who’s family makes up about half of the ward. haha and they said they would come out with us after. So we were talking about who to go see, and they remembered that it was their neighbor’s birthday. He was turning 84! So we went over there with them to wish him a Happy Birthday. He looks about 70 and he gets around super well! He does not look 84. Elders have been teaching him for a long time but no one has been teaching him recently. He loves President Hinkley! He listens to MOTAB, he reads the Book of Mormon, he watches the byu channel. All of this stuff! But he’s not baptized and he doesn’t come to church. We challenged him to a baptismal date for August 23, we have been back one other time and we’re going today. He is so ready to be baptized and I know the Lord has prepared him. He’s pretty much over prepared! haha He knows so much and he’s very intelligent, so sometimes it’s hard to teach him cause he talks a lot. But we want him to understand the priesthood and why he needs to be baptized.
That day made me realize how much I love being a missionary. Also how important it is to be bold and loving. People aren’t going to get anywhere if we aren’t bold and try to get to the bottom of their problems so we can help them resolve their issues with the church. I love going on exchanges but it’s always so nice to have my companion back and to work in my own area.
We have been teaching a lady named Wanda and she quit smoking on the 2 of August! She set that date when we first got here and she did it! We are so excited for her! She’s doing so awesome and she’s progressing so much! She’s so sweet and she has two grandkids who she is basically raising. Their mom still lives in the house and she’s pregnant again but she doesn’t really want to be a mom. It’s so sad! But Wanda is basically their mom and she wants to be a good example for them and come to church! We are so excited or her! She has a date for August 30! It will be so cool!
Well that’s about it for this week. I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel!! I love all of you and wish you a fantastic week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon