Week 23: Brazil, Exchanges, and Miracles!

Hey Family and Friends,

To start off this week’s email I want to announce that my companion got her visa and is leaving to go to Brazil at the end of this transfer! She’s so excited but scared to go. It’ll be so good for her though. She’s been practicing her Portuguese this week and she’s going to teach me how to pray in Portuguese! We are going to practice a hymn and sing it in sacrament meeting maybe. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll record it if we don’t sing it at church.

Sorry I didn’t email yesterday. Sister Storrs was at a meeting in Bentonville and I was in Alma, Arkansas for the day with another sister so we didn’t have a p-day. But I’m glad I get to email today.
Sister Shumway came out with us this week, after district meeting, to help Sister Storrs with her Sister Training Leader stuff. So that was really cool. Except that we didn’t have any lessons that worked out the whole day. It was awful. It was a good thing that Sister Shumway was only with us for 2 hours.
Then the next day was weekly planning and it took forever! Then we went out for a couple of hours and still no one was home and we couldn’t get lessons. But we had a lesson over at the bishop’s house with a girl who works for him but is moving, she was super open and willing to hear about the gospel but she brought a friend with her who was not very open and dominated a lot of the lesson. It was still a really spiritual and powerful lesson, but he wasn’t very open.
The next day, Friday, we went on exchanges and that is when Sister Storrs found out she got her visa! So I wasn’t even there when she decided she was going to go. She had a choice whether to stay in this mission or go to Brazil and she chose to go. I was with Sister Rust in Gore for the exchange and it was an awesome day! Everyone that we wanted to visit was home and let us in. We had really good lessons and a lot of people committed to come to church (not all of them showed up….) but it was just a really good day.
One experience in particular was really awesome! So we went to dinner with a really great older couple who’s family makes up about half of the ward. haha and they said they would come out with us after. So we were talking about who to go see, and they remembered that it was their neighbor’s birthday. He was turning 84! So we went over there with them to wish him a Happy Birthday. He looks about 70 and he gets around super well! He does not look 84. Elders have been teaching him for a long time but no one has been teaching him recently. He loves President Hinkley! He listens to MOTAB, he reads the Book of Mormon, he watches the byu channel. All of this stuff! But he’s not baptized and he doesn’t come to church. We challenged him to a baptismal date for August 23, we have been back one other time and we’re going today. He is so ready to be baptized and I know the Lord has prepared him. He’s pretty much over prepared! haha He knows so much and he’s very intelligent, so sometimes it’s hard to teach him cause he talks a lot. But we want him to understand the priesthood and why he needs to be baptized.
That day made me realize how much I love being a missionary. Also how important it is to be bold and loving. People aren’t going to get anywhere if we aren’t bold and try to get to the bottom of their problems so we can help them resolve their issues with the church. I love going on exchanges but it’s always so nice to have my companion back and to work in my own area.
We have been teaching a lady named Wanda and she quit smoking on the 2 of August! She set that date when we first got here and she did it! We are so excited for her! She’s doing so awesome and she’s progressing so much! She’s so sweet and she has two grandkids who she is basically raising. Their mom still lives in the house and she’s pregnant again but she doesn’t really want to be a mom. It’s so sad! But Wanda is basically their mom and she wants to be a good example for them and come to church! We are so excited or her! She has a date for August 30! It will be so cool!
Well that’s about it for this week. I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel!! I love all of you and wish you a fantastic week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

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