Week 26: Welcome to the Promised Land!

Hey Family and Friends!
Gore truly is the promised land! That is what bishop says every Sunday! He is awesome! There is so much work to do here in Gore. It is exploding with missionary work! We have a lot of baptisms lined up for this next transfer! Sister Storrs leaves for tomorrow for Brazil! It came way too fast! So I will be in a trio for a couple days until my new companion comes. Her name is Sister Wise. She goes home in 2 transfers.
We reached our goal for 50 lessons this week! It was so awesome and we got over 70% member present lessons! It was a miracle! I absolutely love Gore! We got 6 lessons on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, 9 on Wednesday, 8 on Thursday, none on Friday, 15 on Saturday, and 5on Sunday! And we have 7 new investigators! It was an awesome week!
Myah got baptized yesterday and it was so awesome! She’s so cute! In her interview with the bishop she asked why Sister Storrs had to leave! She loves when we come over it’s so fun!
We are teaching a family who’s dad, Jeremy, is returning to activity. And the rest of the family are not members. His wife Krysten and 2 kids have baptismal dates, and the other 2 kids are 6 and 2. Bryan, Tyler, Kayden, and Jayci. They all have a Y in their names! They are the cutest family! I love teaching them! They have a date for October! 
Another investigator picked her own baptismal date for September 21. And we have Jenna’s baptism on my birthday! September 7. She’s awesome and I’m excited for her. 
There are so many miracles that happened this week. It would take me forever to type them all out. But I’m still writing them in my journal! 
On Friday we had our Zone Conference, and I’m sure all of you heard about Sister Nancy Vea, who passed away in a car accident while traveling to our conference. We were at the conference when the accident happened and received updates on all the missionaries throughout the conference. Sister Vea was in our Zone and Sister Storrs and I met her last week and her companion Sister Petersen came out on her mission the same time that I did. There were two elders and two sisters in the wreck along with the 2 members who were driving. The rest of the people in the accident are alright. She will be missed! But she is still doing her missionary work on the other side. We have been praying nonstop for her family and all those who were involved in the accident. 
That’s it for this week! Sister Storrs has to go pack for Brazil! I’m going to miss her soo sooo much! I love her and all that she’s taught me! 
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

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