Week 29: Another busy week in Gore!

Hey Family and Friends,
Sister Wise and I have been super busy ..again. haha It seems like we are always running and can never stop to breath. But that’s how missionary work is supposed to be right? It’s super awesome! We had two exchanges this week, they both went pretty good. I feel like we never see each other when we have two exchanges in a week.
We had FHE with Jeremy’s family last night! It was so fun! We had a lesson on the restoration and then we played basketball .. yes we were in our skirts. haha
Then last night at about 8:30 we went to an investigators house and scared her when we knocked on her door (she lives alone) but then we made up for it by doing her dishes. She’s awesome! We had a lesson with her at the beginning of the week that went really well! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about Joseph Smith and she said she had been thinking about the restoration and praying for a couple days and she knows it’s true! It was so awesome! She still has some doubts and questions that we are helping her to understand, but she is coming along! It’s so amazing! We told her to pray about a date she can be baptized. So next week she should have a date picked out! 🙂

We have a baptism coming up for Deborah on Sunday. She’s so cute and super ready to be baptized! I’ll send pictures of it next week! 🙂

We have a new investigator this week, her name is Crystal and she wrote a paper for a class she’s taking all about mormon families! So she knows quite a bit about the church. She and her husband are looking for a new church cause theirs shut down for financial reasons. She’s so open and ready for the gospel.
We might be going fishing with a less active and his family who are non members. We hope they don’t cancel! I will finally go fishing for the first time! haha
We had Stake Conference this weekend. It was really amazing! Lots of amazing talks about missionary work, families, and the Atonement. Super awesome!
I hope everyone has a great week!! I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Week 28 : A Birthday & A Baptism

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It was a pretty awesome birthday!! I realized I haven’t sent pictures in a long time! So I’m sending some with this email.
This week was super long! I don’t know why it felt so long but it did. It was a really great week though.
Jenna got baptized yesterday!! It was so awesome!  We went over there every day before she got baptized and she taught us the lessons. It was so awesome to see how she knew almost everything and how much she had really learned. It was so funny! She got to be the missionary for the day.
We went to a member’s house for dinner last night and they made me a cookie cake! It was so good! Their family is awesome!
We started teaching a family this week and we invited them to be baptized on October 10 and they said yes! Woo! They moved here from Texas to get a fresh start. What better way to get a new start than baptism?! 🙂
That’s about it for this week. It was just such a long week I don’t remember what all happened. haha Plus I left my planner at home. oops!
I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Week 27: Transfer 5 Here I Come!

Hey Family and Friends!

Sister Storrs left for Brazil on Tuesday morning and now she’s in Brazil! It’s so crazy! I miss her a lot but I’m getting along really well with my new companion, Sister Wise! I was in Muskogee on Tuesday after Sister Storrs left, and on Wendnesday as well. Wednesday I was sick all day, so I stayed at their apartment with a member while they went and worked during the day. But I’m feeling a lot better now! 
Thursday I picked up Sister Wise and we went back to Gore. We had weekly planning and I filled her in on the area and all the people that we teach. 
Jenna has her baptism interview today so she’s all ready to be baptized on my birthday. 🙂
We spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Sister Wise spoke on Sabbath Day and I spoke on Alma 5! I challenge everyone to read it this week. I love that chapter so much. It’s been my favorite Sacrament meeting subject so far. 
Hmmm not much to talk about this week. Everything is going great and I’m loving being a missionary! 
No pictures this week but I will send some next week. I’m excited to start a new transfer and work super hard! I love my companion and we teach super well together.
We taught a less active the other night named Rhonda, and it was a super awesome experience! She was telling us about how she used to be super active and she never asked why bad things happened to her, then as things kept happening to her she would wonder why these things were happening to her when she was righteous and doing everything she was supposed to. We talked to her about how much God loves her and about why we have challenges. It was so amazing. The spirit was so strong! 
I love this work and I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon