Week 30: Baptisms & FHE

Hey family and friends!

This week was awesome! We actually didn’t get to go fishing last week but we’re going today! It will be really good!
We had 2 baptisms yesterday! The first was an 8 year old baptism in the ward & we went cause some investigators came. It was really sweet. There was a slide show of pictures and primary music with them and Rose (investigator) got teary eyed. It was so sweet! We are working with Rose and her husband Joe on coming to church and understanding why they need to be baptized. They are so sweet and are coming along super well!
The second was Debra’s baptism! Her husband who is not a member and who isn’t interested in the church came. It was really good! So we realized we forgot to call people and tell them to bring refreshments.. so we made a cake and frosted it right before her baptism. It was such a crazy day but it was so awesome!
Then we made dinner for Jeremy’s family and a less active named Jacom. Then we had FHE with them and played basketball for a while! It was super fun. They are getting baptized in October! We are so excited for them.
So we invited Jacom to come back to church a while ago and he came one week, but he works most weekends so he can’t make it all the time. But we went to go see him and we talked to him about things that keep us away from feeling the spirit. So we challenged him to give up one thing that he was struggling with and he said he would slow down his chewing tobacco to chewing once a day. Then when we saw him on Sunday he said that he hadn’t chewed in 2 days! He stopped all on his own! It was awesome! Then he came back later for Debra’s baptism and stayed for Jeremy’s FHE too! He’s doing so good and making all these decisions all on his own! It’s so cool!
We have 2 new investigators this week, Lacey and Remington they’re mom is less active and she’s deaf. They are such sweet kids and they want to get baptized! They have a date set for the19 of October but we’re moving it up to the 12! They are so willing to learn and ask so many questions! And their mom is coming back to church too.
We went on another exchange this week and I was in Talihina. It’s super tiny and way back in the middle of nowhere. But I found out there are actually mountains in Oklahoma!! It was so great to actually see mountains again! They are so pretty!
So on Saturday night was cruise night in Gore. Where basically everyone in Gore drags Main and people sit on the side and watch people drive by, and some people get out their old cars that have been restored and drag Main! We went to go talk to random people but on the way we Blasted Gospel Music! It was so funny! People were staring at us like we were so weird and we just could not stop laughing. It was so fun! Missionaries are so weird! haha
Well it was a pretty exciting week! Sister Wise and I can hardly stop to take a break because of how much there is to do, which is exactly how missionary work is supposed to be. I love it so much! It’s amazing to me how we can just keep on going even when we are so exhausted we don’t think we can do anything else, but the Lord gives us the strength we need to do His work! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

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