Week 31: It’s Almost General Conference!!! :)

Hey Family and Friends,

Sorry this letter is a little late. Sister Wise had a leadership meeting Monday night to Tuesdayafternoon so we didn’t have time to email until today. It’s been a crazy week. We haven’t been able to teach tons of lessons this week because of all the other things we have been doing.
Last Monday we went fishing! I caught 3 catfish! We caught 7 fish total and Sister Wise and Joe, the member we went with, skinned the fish and Joe’s wife cooked them for us and we ate them. I actually like catfish. It was pretty good. Not my favorite thing to eat but still good. There’s definitely a difference between frozen fish and fresh fish.
We did service for a less active on Tuesday. We helped her paint her son’s room and moved all of his stuff out of the room. The walls were so dusty it took us forever to get the dust off so we could paint. But it was fun.
This weekend was Fin and Feather Arts and Crafts weekend! The resort in Gore has a craft fair every year on the last weekend of September! We set up a family history booth there and so we got to go and walk around a little bit and see a bunch of people. We gave out about 30 copies of the Book of Mormon, a bunch of church dvds, tons of family history pass-along cards. It was so awesome! Sister Wise and I also got rings engraved that have OTM (oklahoma tulsa mission) and dates on them. They are so cute. So now we have mission memory rings.
After Fin and Feather weekend it basically shuts down till Thanksgiving. So all of the less actives who work there are coming back to church this week. A lot of less actives work there and it’s their excuse for not coming. So they should all be coming back! It’s exciting!
On Sunday night we had FHE with an active family and a less active (Jacom) and after that we played basketball, and the bishoprick came in and played with us a little too. It was so awesome. Jacom is quitting chewing. He told us that night that he had bought a can the day before and then threw it out the window. Then he said he was reading in the Book of Mormon and he’s to 2 Nephi 11! It was so awesome! He’s doing so good! We are so excited for him and we can see such a big difference. He seems so much happier! I love the gospel! It really is what brings the most happiness in life!
That’s about it for this week! Love you all!! 🙂
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Rings engraved from Fin & Feather Weekend




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