Week 32: I’m getting Transferred!

Hey family and friends
I am getting transferred to Marshfield, Missouri! Which is about an hour from Ava! And I’ve been there on exchanges before! How crazy is that? And I’m finishing training my new companion Sister Bailey! That will be fun! I’m so sad that I am leaving Gore! I love this place so much! There’s so much going on that I’m going to miss out on. But it will be good! I’m excited to go to Marshfield! It’s a good place!

       Not much to write about this week since I emailed on Wednesday. Today we have a zone outing. So we’re going to Ft. Smith to play basketball, volleyball, and eat pizza. It’s going to be so fun! We’ve been playing basketball when we have FHE with Jeremy’s family and Jacom. It’s been good practice so we can beat all the other missionaries in our zone!
        I went on exchanges to Muskogee this week with Sister Ma’alona. She’s super great, she’s a Samoan from California. We had a really good day in Muskogee. That night we went to a less active’s house and found out his daughter is a less active in our ward and she was there! It was awesome. She goes to his house every night to do his dialysis at his house. We hadn’t been able to see her for a while so it was so awesome that we got to see her. She’s super awesome! She explained about how the dialysis machine works. It was really interesting. She’s one of the people that i was sent to Gore for. I love her so much! She just needs to get back to church!!
        General Conference was so good! It is my favorite time of the year! So many great talks!! We went to priesthood session too, with a less active! I love all of the talks! Next week Lacey and Remington are getting baptized…. and I’m going to miss it. 😦 Sad day. but I’ll get pictures from Sister Wise to send to y’all! I’m so excited for them! I’m going to miss so many baptisms, but it’ll be ok. I’m going to work so hard in Marshfield with my trainee!!! I’m excited!
        I love you and miss y’all!!
Hurrah for Israel
Sister Moon

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