Week 33: Marshfield, Missouri

Howdy yall!

Haha Well I’m back in Missouri! It was so weird to come back to the same general area I left 3 months ago.

The beginning of the week I had to say bye to tons of people. It was super sad. I love Gore so much! It was hard to leave but I’m excited to be here in Marshfield.

Jeremy’s family is all set to be baptized in two weeks. Krysten, (his wife) is done with work now and can go to church, I assume that she went yesterday for the first time. I love their family and know they are one of the reasons I was in Gore! They are the greatest and I’m so excited to see the pictures of their baptism!
We asked Jacom before I left if he was going to go on a mission and he said that he’s thought about it. He’s quitting chewing and he was in Jacob 6 when I left.
Debbie is another reason I was in Gore. She’s so awesome! She has a baptism date for November 9 and I will be emailing her next week so I’ll have more updates. It will be super good!
I left Gore at 7:30 on Thursday morning and didn’t get to Mt. Vernon (transfer point) until 3:30! Long long day in a car! I rode with the new missionaries most of the way which was fun! Then I got to meet my companion Sister Bailey! She’s super awesome! She’s from Logan, Utah and has been out for 6 weeks. I am finishing her training. When I got here I found out that the elders had been taken out of the branch that meets in the same building as us so we now cover both areas. So yesterday we went to 5 hours of church, since they overlap! Our Mission President came and spoke at both the branch and the ward so that was really great. The Fordland branch just had a baptism last Sunday so we get to work with a very recent convert. She is super sweet. I’m excited to work with her.
My second day here we met with an investigator who the sisters hadn’t been able to contact in a while. She is super funny! She has two super cute kids. Her name is Christin. She works on Sunday and she smokes but besides that she wants to know. She just hasn’t been able to come to church yet. She said her husband is a little bit paranoid and doesn’t like big crowds so I don’t know how that’s going to work out yet but I can definitely see them getting baptized even if it might take a while. She got interested in the first place because of her kids. She wants her kids to be raised right, what better way than in the gospel?? 🙂 I’m so excited to keep teaching them. She’s hilarious!

An investigator couple also came to church on Sunday and sat next to us. They have two super cute kids, named River and Rain. Interesting right. They are so cute! We kept them entertained so their parents could listen to church. And they stayed all three hours. It was awesome! So many people in the ward came up and introduced themselves and they stayed after church and talked to people for a while. This is such an awesome ward! They really know how to fellowship! It’s so cool!

That’s about it for this week! I’m excited to be here and work as hard as I can!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

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