Week 34: 6 Days to 8 Months

Hey family and friends!

I have almost been out for 8 months!! I can’t believe it! It goes by way too fast! Today we are at a member’s house helping her make apple pie filling! She’s super sweet! We’re working hard here in Marshfield and we have some awesome investigators and less actives who we are working with, who we know will come back eventually. This past week has been a lot of figuring out who’s actually going to progress and come back to church. \

Oceanna and Andrew are an investigator couple we are working with, they are the one’s who have 2 son’s, River and Rain. We met with them this week and taught them the restoration and answered a lot of their questions. It was so awesome. Andrew claims to be an Atheist and didn’t grow up with religion but he said the closing prayer when we left and also asked what the process is to get baptized so that was super awesome! They weren’t able to come to church this week cause their kids were sick but we’re meeting with them on Wednesday and they said they’ll definitely be there next Sunday!

We taught seminary this week too. This ward has an awesome set of youth! They’re not very big but super awesome. It was fun, we talked about missionary work.. surprise! haha

We also went on exchanges this week. I was in Springfield with Sister Erickson It was so fun. Sister Erickson is super fun to be around. While I was gone one of our neighbors started talking to Sister Bailey and the other Sister, and asked them what church we go to. It was so crazy! Then he asked if his daughter could study with us and he was interested too. We also saw him and talked to him and his friend last night about the gospel and Joseph Smith and hes aid he was open and wants to change his life. He’s going through a divorce so he’s open and ready for the gospel! He’s way awesome!!!

Yesterday we had 5 hours of church again. The usual! haha and then we had dinner with a returning less active and talked to her about the temple. She just got her temple recommend renewed and she really wants to go. Her mom just recently passed away and so it’s the perfect time for her to go back so that she can do the work for her mother in a year.

Then we talked to a recent convert who hasn’t been coming for at least 3 months! And his family is interested too! They said it might take a while but that doesn’t matter! I’m so excited for them! He’s really awesome and knows it’s true but just needs to start coming back and bringing his family!

We also talked to a girl who’s fiance is a less active and we are going to start teaching her! We set an appointment with her on Tuesday!

So we tracted into this lady the other night, she’s pentecostal and her parents were members. She said she’d read the Book of Mormon and all this stuff about Joseph Smith that wasn’t true.. but she was super sweet and had a ton of Pumpkins on her porch and we were talking earlier about how we really need to carve pumpkins for Halloween, and out of the blue she asked us both if we each wanted a Pumpkin. So she let us both take a Pumpkin. haha and she kept calling them Punkin’s it was so funny. So we got Antied and then got pumpkins. so that made things all better. haha

So things are coming along here in Marshfield! Searching for all the people who are prepared!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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