Week 36: Happy Halloween!

Hey family and friends,

I didn’t have Christmas on Halloween like they do in Tonga, sadly, but Halloween here was pretty great! We weekly planned basically all of Halloween day and then we went to a trunk or treat that the Fordland branch had at the park. And then we had to be in our apartment at 7 so we carved pumpkins that a pentecostal lady gave to us when we tracted into her. We ate candy and listened to some Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling (the violinist who dances) It was super fun!

This week we had lunch with Oceanna and Andrew. Oceanna’s dad was in town and made us tacos. They were super good. Then we had an awesome lesson about the priesthood and about temples. They are doing awesome. Andrew has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying sometimes.

Then while we were contacting less actives that no one knows anything about. We talked to a guy named Bruce and he has been in the hospital for about 2 months. He just got out and wants to come back to church! He is such a sweet old man!

Zone Conference was on Thursday and it was awesome!! Elder Allen Packer and his wife came and spoke to us! It was so spiritual!

We have been doing some family history this week and it’s been a really neat experience. Our Sister Training Leaders came and helped us connect our family search to ancestry and taught us how to find people! It was so cool! I am working on finding an ancestor’s parents on Mom’s side and I think I’ve almost found them. I’m super excited! I love doing family history! It’s been so much fun! Family History is something that Elder Packer talked about and he taught us how to use it with all the people we teach.

We found another less active who’s wife is not a member and they are looking for a church right now. It was so cool. We have a lesson with them next Sunday. He was super nice and prepared for the gospel.

Last night we finally got to have a lesson with an investigator family who should have baptism dates soon. Amber and Junior are not married yet because she has to wait for her divorce to be finalized. So they can’t get baptized till that’s all straightened out. She has 4 kids and he has 3. His son and Her 2 daughters got baptized on the same day. So they are doing really well and the whole family comes to church almost every Sunday! They are way awesome!

That’s about all for this week! I love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Moon

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