Week 43: Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂 I am so excited for Christmas. It’s going to be so much fun. One of our investigators was going to spend it with us but won’t be able to. 😦 but it will still be a great day. We didn’t get our “day in the life of a missionary” video done. But we are still working on it. It might be a bit late but we will get it done. We have not had time this week. It’s been the craziest week and it’s seemed super long for some reason.
It’s been a really great week. We had three baptisms on Saturday and it went super well. We were running around like crazy to make everything perfect and it all worked out.
There have been a lot of miracles this week!
We got an amazing new investigator this week. He was a referral and he grew up R-LDS so he already believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet, he has never read the Book of Mormon though. He said that he wanted to come to church this week, but then he got really sick and had to go to the hospital, but he should be coming next week.
One of our members called us the other day and asked if she could come to visits that night. She had a foreign exchange student for the past 4 months living with her family and they have been sharing the gospel with him and he came to church a couple of times and there were a lot of amazing things that happened while he was there. He had to go home early because of some health problems. She missed having those missionary experiences so she wants to come with us sometime every week. She hasn’t been able to because she has been focusing so much on Thomas and his situation. It truly is a huge blessing for us and for her.

Yesterday was our zone conference. The first half we got to have fun and play dodge ball, made paper rockets, watched the phone call, and played minute to win it. Then the actual zone conference was all about the Book of Mormon. It was really amazing. I loved it.

I love yall! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Picture 004
Junior Haley and Mariha’s Baptism
Picture 007

Picture 001
My Dress from Tonga, thank you Mom and Dad!


Week 42: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Hey Family and Friends,

Next Monday we will be having our Zone Conference so heads up you won’t get an email next week until Tuesday.
Most exciting news is that we have a triple baptism this week!! Junior, Mariha and Haley are getting baptized on Saturday. We can hardly wait. They got their interviews on Sunday and are all set to go!

And another exciting thing is that Andrew picked a baptism date. For January 3! We had a lesson with him this week and we were talking about Enduring to the End and he just said. “I’ve been thinking about baptism and I think I’m ready.” It was so awesome! It will be so wonderful!

Last night we went to a nativity event in Springfield. There was a live Nativity and tons of nativities around the world set up in the gym and singers from Branson came and performed as well. It was awesome. Sarah, one of our investigators came with us along with two recent converts. It was really fun. All the missionaries from the surrounding areas were there. And I got to see 3 families from Ava! It was awesome. Bucky and his family was one of them so it was so good to see them. Bucky got baptized right after I left and his wife Mary will be getting baptized sometime in the near future I think. I hope I’m still in Marshfield so that I can go. It would be so wonderful to see everyone again.

We’ve been making some really good contacts lately with less actives in the ward. We saw a lady who is a visiting teacher but doesn’t come to church, she was going to come to the ward Christmas party with her kids and grand kids who aren’t members but something happened and they weren’t able to make it, but she said she’s thinking about coming to church sometime soon! We also met a lady named Elizabeth who we talked to about miracles she’s seen in her life and she said that we could go back soon and show her the Christmas video. And another lady who’s married to a member but he wasn’t there but she let us in for a while and talked to us, and said we could come back as well. It was really good!

Right now we are having a lot of success with part member families. It’s so wonderful to see someone rediscover their testimony while their family is beginning theirs. It’s such a blessing!

That’s about it for this week. But I am actually going to send pictures this week!


Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon

 Picture 009
Picture 008
Picture 006
Picture 005
Picture 002

Week 41: Christmas Time Is HERE!!!

Hey Family and Friends!

This will be really short since we had a zone outing in Springfield and it was super fun!!! 🙂 We made Gingerbread houses and played ultimate frisbee and Polish baseball…. basically Cricket. It was fun! We made the best house! I’ll send pictures next week of it.

This is what my Companion said. and I agree with all she said!

“Friday we met the nicest lady named Liz. She’s so awesome and she has so much faith. Her son is a recent convert and they’re so cool, and they came to chruch yesterday! And she taught us how to make homemade tortillas yum! Sister Moon and I were bell ringers for the Salvation Army haha it was cold but we met so many people and we were able to pass out lots of pass along cards. A few people were interested, I think yay! After that, we felt like we needed to go visit our investigator Sarah. We came over and she’d been having the worst day. She had gone to the ER because she had a seizure or something and she has all this pressure in her head, and she told us she’s really scared becasue the doctors don’t know what’s going on. We completely ditched our lesson plan (chastity yikes!) and talked about the healing power of the atonement. Also something really cool, I told her my experience with the migraines and the almost brain tumor. She was really comforted to know that I have kind of been through a similar experience and I was able to comfort her. John 14:18 is the best scripture. It was the best experience, she said she was so glad we came over and put a smile back on her face. I’m so glad we acted on that prompting to go visit her! Very sweet miracle 🙂
We got a new investigator!!!! Yay!!! His name is Chuck, his wife was less active, now she comes to church. He’s met with missionaries before, but we’re really not sure if anything has happened in the past. Anyway, we talked a lot about prophets and he said he wanted to know if there was a prophet on the earth today. So we invited and he committed to pray about it! Ah so exciting! We’ve been praying so much for a new investigator and we finally got one. Ah prayers answered 🙂 Also all of our investigators came to sacrament meeting yesterday! Testimony meeting in the Branch was SO powerful. So many strong testimonies born, the Spirit was so strong in that meeting. It was incredible!
We contacted a less active last night, I think he was drunk…haha he was a little too friendly, but he talked to us for half an hour and really opened up! Haha.
Also Liz gave us a referral which we contacted. His brother answers the door and tells us he moved to Springfield. Later we found out he lied! So we’re going back to tell them they have to go to church now because they lied to the misionaries. Haha they’re really cool guys and I’m so excited to teach them 🙂
Embarrassing moment of the week…I walked into a glass door. It was awful.
But I’m really running short of time, we had a zone outing this morning, so fun. The whole Zone got together and we played ultimate frisbee and this game called Polish Baseball, then we made gingerbread houses. So fun! But we also had an appt this afternoon, so preparation day is really short and really every day is busy which is wonderful!”

That was basically our week! It was really good! I love and miss yall!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Week 40: 9 Months!

Hey Family and Friends,

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I left home 9 months ago! It’s crazy! I didn’t do anything special for my 9 month mark so I’d better do that soon. Well we went to a really good Chinese place today so that will have to count!

This week has been kinda crazy with Thanksgiving and all. But we have had awesome lessons this week! We had FHE last Monday with Bishop’s family and Andrew and Oceanna and their kids. It was so good! They loved it. We also had another lesson with them on Saturdayand it was the most spiritual lesson we have had with them. I think we have started to resolve some concerns and they are doing really well. Andrew is still talking about baptism sometime in January and they’re still coming to church so they are doing really well!

We have a triple baptism coming up on December 20! Junior (Charles) Haley and Mariha are super awesome. Junior’s fiance Amber will hopefully be getting baptized on that day too. We just haven’t been able to meet with her recently to set that date with her. It could be a quadruple Christmas baptism (Jared) Haha Jared asked for a Christmas baptism for his Christmas present. So I had to be an over achiever! 🙂
We’ve been doing a lot of Family History lately and it’s been really cool to help investigators and less actives do it! We are helping Mariha and her brother Anthony (recent convert) with some family history tonight so that will be fun! We finally got a key to the Family History Library at our building so we can! I love family history so much! 🙂
So on Wednesday we went to District Meeting in Springfield and got stuck there all day because the member who brought us, her battery died in her van and we couldn’t figure out how to jump it cause the car is so old we couldn’t find where the battery was. So we waited at the church for her Husband and his dad to come out and help. Then we went to Sam’s Club to get a new battery and then finally went back to Marshfield and went to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner! It was super good. It was a crazy day.
Then on Thanksgiving we went to the Shockley’s and hung out with their family all day and played games and visited them. (We weren’t allowed to proselyte that day) It was really good. A lot of their family is either less active or non-members so we got to meet them and talk to them so it was really good!
So it was a pretty good week!
So I’m sure most of you have heard about the He is the Gift video and initiative that the church has come out with! If you haven’t you need to watch the video!! It’s on


It’s an awesome video! Share it with Everyone! Its a short video that the Church made and it will be advertized in New York Time Square. Also, next Sunday (Dec. 7) it will be the first page of Youtube. It will be a great missionary tool!
I love you and miss yall!
Hurrah For Israel!
Sister Moon
Pictures in my next email… I forgot my cord again….

Week 39: Thanksgiving is here already?

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was really good! I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! How did that happen? Also I’m hitting my 9 month mark the day before! Half Way!! I can’t wrap my head around it.

I forgot my old planner at the apartment so I can’t remember everything. The beginning of the week Sister Bailey said Goodbye to all the people she wanted to.

My new companion fresh from the MTC is Sister Palmer, from South Jordan, Utah. We picked her up and came back to Marshfield and went tracting! Woooo! haha Her first experience since I didn’t go tracting till my 3 transfer. We’ve been tracting since then too. It’s always a fun time! haha Sister Palmer is awesome! She came already trained! I’m learning more from her than she is from me I’m sure! This is going to be a wonderful transfer and I’m excited to get started!

We have 3 investigators with baptism dates right now for the 6 of December. I’m thinking they will have to be pushed back but they’re still doing really good and want to get baptized soon. Also Junior is setting a baptism date for the middle of December. It’s so exciting! I think his girls will most likely get baptized that day too!

We are having Family Home Evening with the Bishops family and they invited Andrew and Oceanna (investigators). So it will be super awesome!

I’m finally sending pictures.

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Jeremy Lane Family
Jeremy’s family in Gore who got baptized on Nov. 1! They are so amazing!
We got snow last Sunday too




At the transfer point: Sister Bailey is on the left and Sister Palmer on the right!

Week 38: Transfer Calls!!!

Hey Family and Friends!

I am staying in Marshfield and I am Training!! Sister Bailey is going to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Which is about an hour away from Gore. Pretty crazy!! I’ll let you know next week who my companion is. We don’t find out until they get off transfer loop! I’m excited. It will be an adventure!! 🙂

This week we had 8 investigators and 9 less actives at church! It was awesome! It’s really nice cause we have the Branch and the Ward we go to so it’s double the investigators. haha It was also the Primary program so that was awesome! The kids here are so cute. There are only 12 primary kids in the branch and there’s only one girl. She reminds me of Haley! She’s so cute and petite.

Sarah came to church which was really awesome! She’s getting baptized on the 6 of December! We’re so excited for her. She just has to quit her e-cigarette.

The Hollingsheads should be picking a date pretty soon so we are excited for that!

Sorry I don’t know where the time goes. Not much else to write but I’ll have a new companion on Thursday!! 🙂

I love yall!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon