Week 40: 9 Months!

Hey Family and Friends,

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I left home 9 months ago! It’s crazy! I didn’t do anything special for my 9 month mark so I’d better do that soon. Well we went to a really good Chinese place today so that will have to count!

This week has been kinda crazy with Thanksgiving and all. But we have had awesome lessons this week! We had FHE last Monday with Bishop’s family and Andrew and Oceanna and their kids. It was so good! They loved it. We also had another lesson with them on Saturdayand it was the most spiritual lesson we have had with them. I think we have started to resolve some concerns and they are doing really well. Andrew is still talking about baptism sometime in January and they’re still coming to church so they are doing really well!

We have a triple baptism coming up on December 20! Junior (Charles) Haley and Mariha are super awesome. Junior’s fiance Amber will hopefully be getting baptized on that day too. We just haven’t been able to meet with her recently to set that date with her. It could be a quadruple Christmas baptism (Jared) Haha Jared asked for a Christmas baptism for his Christmas present. So I had to be an over achiever! πŸ™‚
We’ve been doing a lot of Family History lately and it’s been really cool to help investigators and less actives do it! We are helping Mariha and her brother Anthony (recent convert) with some family history tonight so that will be fun! We finally got a key to the Family History Library at our building so we can! I love family history so much! πŸ™‚
So on Wednesday we went to District Meeting in Springfield and got stuck there all day because the member who brought us, her battery died in her van and we couldn’t figure out how to jump it cause the car is so old we couldn’t find where the battery was. So we waited at the church for her Husband and his dad to come out and help. Then we went to Sam’s Club to get a new battery and then finally went back to Marshfield and went to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner! It was super good. It was a crazy day.
Then on Thanksgiving we went to the Shockley’s and hung out with their family all day and played games and visited them. (We weren’t allowed to proselyte that day) It was really good. A lot of their family is either less active or non-members so we got to meet them and talk to them so it was really good!
So it was a pretty good week!
So I’m sure most of you have heard about the He is the Gift video and initiative that the church has come out with! If you haven’t you need to watch the video!! It’s on


It’s an awesome video! Share it with Everyone! Its a short video that the Church made and it will be advertized in New York Time Square. Also, next Sunday (Dec. 7) it will be the first page of Youtube. It will be a great missionary tool!
I love you and miss yall!
Hurrah For Israel!
Sister Moon
Pictures in my next email… I forgot my cord again….

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