Week 41: Christmas Time Is HERE!!!

Hey Family and Friends!

This will be really short since we had a zone outing in Springfield and it was super fun!!! 🙂 We made Gingerbread houses and played ultimate frisbee and Polish baseball…. basically Cricket. It was fun! We made the best house! I’ll send pictures next week of it.

This is what my Companion said. and I agree with all she said!

“Friday we met the nicest lady named Liz. She’s so awesome and she has so much faith. Her son is a recent convert and they’re so cool, and they came to chruch yesterday! And she taught us how to make homemade tortillas yum! Sister Moon and I were bell ringers for the Salvation Army haha it was cold but we met so many people and we were able to pass out lots of pass along cards. A few people were interested, I think yay! After that, we felt like we needed to go visit our investigator Sarah. We came over and she’d been having the worst day. She had gone to the ER because she had a seizure or something and she has all this pressure in her head, and she told us she’s really scared becasue the doctors don’t know what’s going on. We completely ditched our lesson plan (chastity yikes!) and talked about the healing power of the atonement. Also something really cool, I told her my experience with the migraines and the almost brain tumor. She was really comforted to know that I have kind of been through a similar experience and I was able to comfort her. John 14:18 is the best scripture. It was the best experience, she said she was so glad we came over and put a smile back on her face. I’m so glad we acted on that prompting to go visit her! Very sweet miracle 🙂
We got a new investigator!!!! Yay!!! His name is Chuck, his wife was less active, now she comes to church. He’s met with missionaries before, but we’re really not sure if anything has happened in the past. Anyway, we talked a lot about prophets and he said he wanted to know if there was a prophet on the earth today. So we invited and he committed to pray about it! Ah so exciting! We’ve been praying so much for a new investigator and we finally got one. Ah prayers answered 🙂 Also all of our investigators came to sacrament meeting yesterday! Testimony meeting in the Branch was SO powerful. So many strong testimonies born, the Spirit was so strong in that meeting. It was incredible!
We contacted a less active last night, I think he was drunk…haha he was a little too friendly, but he talked to us for half an hour and really opened up! Haha.
Also Liz gave us a referral which we contacted. His brother answers the door and tells us he moved to Springfield. Later we found out he lied! So we’re going back to tell them they have to go to church now because they lied to the misionaries. Haha they’re really cool guys and I’m so excited to teach them 🙂
Embarrassing moment of the week…I walked into a glass door. It was awful.
But I’m really running short of time, we had a zone outing this morning, so fun. The whole Zone got together and we played ultimate frisbee and this game called Polish Baseball, then we made gingerbread houses. So fun! But we also had an appt this afternoon, so preparation day is really short and really every day is busy which is wonderful!”

That was basically our week! It was really good! I love and miss yall!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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