Week 42: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Hey Family and Friends,

Next Monday we will be having our Zone Conference so heads up you won’t get an email next week until Tuesday.
Most exciting news is that we have a triple baptism this week!! Junior, Mariha and Haley are getting baptized on Saturday. We can hardly wait. They got their interviews on Sunday and are all set to go!

And another exciting thing is that Andrew picked a baptism date. For January 3! We had a lesson with him this week and we were talking about Enduring to the End and he just said. “I’ve been thinking about baptism and I think I’m ready.” It was so awesome! It will be so wonderful!

Last night we went to a nativity event in Springfield. There was a live Nativity and tons of nativities around the world set up in the gym and singers from Branson came and performed as well. It was awesome. Sarah, one of our investigators came with us along with two recent converts. It was really fun. All the missionaries from the surrounding areas were there. And I got to see 3 families from Ava! It was awesome. Bucky and his family was one of them so it was so good to see them. Bucky got baptized right after I left and his wife Mary will be getting baptized sometime in the near future I think. I hope I’m still in Marshfield so that I can go. It would be so wonderful to see everyone again.

We’ve been making some really good contacts lately with less actives in the ward. We saw a lady who is a visiting teacher but doesn’t come to church, she was going to come to the ward Christmas party with her kids and grand kids who aren’t members but something happened and they weren’t able to make it, but she said she’s thinking about coming to church sometime soon! We also met a lady named Elizabeth who we talked to about miracles she’s seen in her life and she said that we could go back soon and show her the Christmas video. And another lady who’s married to a member but he wasn’t there but she let us in for a while and talked to us, and said we could come back as well. It was really good!

Right now we are having a lot of success with part member families. It’s so wonderful to see someone rediscover their testimony while their family is beginning theirs. It’s such a blessing!

That’s about it for this week. But I am actually going to send pictures this week!


Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon

 Picture 009
Picture 008
Picture 006
Picture 005
Picture 002

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