Week 48: Baptisms are the BEST!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was pretty good, besides the insane amount of stress we’ve been having the last couple days. Haha We are trying to get new investigators and we have literally tried to see everyone we know. It has been crazy, the amount of time driving around going from person to person is crazy!! We had a good amount of set lessons with really prepared awesome people…. aaand they all cancelled.. rats!

But it still was a good week and we have laughed and laughed about all the people who have cancelled on us. We would say, “oh we are glad this person hasn’t cancelled on us” two seconds later… they cancel. It was super funny! We started to not comment on that anymore….

Sarah got baptized on Saturday!!!! 🙂 It was really great! Everything went smoothly.. besides the water being kinda cold… ooops. The water heater wasn’t working very well. Her mom came, who is not a member. So that was really good! She is so awesome! Yesterday at church she participated in Relief Society and she got assigned people to Visiting Teach! It’s so cool how the Branch has just welcomed with open arms! We love her so much!! 🙂

We set a baptism date this week!! Amber is getting baptized on February 8th! We are super excited. Also her and Jr. are getting married on the 31st! They have been together for 3 years and she has been waiting on her divorce all that time. It’s finally going to all work out!! We are super excited for them!

We had exchanges this week. I was in Springfield with Sister Powell and Sister Palmer was in Marshfield with Sister Smith. It was a really good day in Marshfield. They had all set appointments and none of them fell through. Would you look at that!! haha

Me and Sister Powell had a pretty good day too. We talked over an investigator’s baptism program with her, went to a couple of less actives who were really awesome and are working on going to the temple. Then we bought our companions candy and put gummy bears all over their apartment for Sister Smith. It was super funny. It was really a great day!

Not much else happened this week. We just ran around trying to find new investigators. We have tons of lessons set up for this week though so hopefully they will work out!

I love you and miss y’all!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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Week 47: Finding Miracles!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was very good! This week we focused on finding people who can become new investigators. So every day we had a goal of finding at least one new potential. We did it! Every day we either ran into someone who was interested or some one said that they have someone they want us to teach. It was really amazing the miracles that happened this week.

We did the Stop Smoking Workshop with Amber. She is doing really well. She is also praying about a baptism date. Hopefully she will choose one soon! She’s super ready she just needed to quit smoking!

We had FHE with a part member family and it was really cool cause the mom usually doesn’t stay in the room when we have a lesson, but this time she stayed and listened to the lesson. She’s really hard to read though so we are not sure how interested she really is, but we are praying that she will.

Sarah is getting baptized on Saturday!!! We can’t wait!! She had her interview this Saturday and she’s set to go! She’s so awesome and one of my best friends here. She’s so cute!!!

Thursday was a really awesome day. A couple weeks ago we went out to eat with some members and the owner of the Cafe,Tammy, is really good friends with one of the members who was with us, Jared. Jared was talking to her about what we do as missionaries and she was really interested so we went back on Thursday and she came out and talked to us for about 30 minutes. She says she’s going to come to churchnext Sunday.

We got to meet with 2 investigators this week who both had crazy schedules for about the last month and we were able to have lessons with them. It was really great. I love Christmas but I also love actually being able to meet with our investigators!
We contacted a couple of potential people this week who we have been trying by for a long time and they’ve never been home. But we got to meet with them and we set return appointments for this week! So we are excited to have them become new investigators.
That’s about all for this week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

Week 46: OTM Special Ops!

Hello Family and Friends!

Today we had a Zone Outing. We played Dodgeball, Basketball and Volleyball at the church in Springfield. It was super fun. We got to know the new missionaries who came into our zone and it was a blast! It was really nice to get some real exercise in! We all laughed and had a great time!

So we taught seminary this week so that was fun! Not the getting up even earlier than we already do. They start seminary at the time we usually wake up! It’s crazy! I don’t know if I could do it. I’m very grateful ours was during school hours.

We have a baptism coming up! Sarah has officially quit smoking. We taught her tithing this week, among other things, but she was really excited to pay it. She’s very poor but she’s so excited to do anything the Lord asks her to do! We are so excited for her! Her baptism is on January 24!

So this week they cancelled church because of bad weather conditions….It was raining at the time and there were a few slick spots on the road. They thought it was going to get a lot worse…which it didn’t. So we had the opening hymn, prayer, the Sacrament, the bishop talked for 2 minutes and then we had a closing hymn and prayer and everyone went home. Kinda drastic in our point of view being from snow country, but at least we had the Sacrament which is the most important part. Soooo with all that extra time that we didn’t have any plans…cause we are usually in church we spent most of it planning for the next week and calling people for the 40 day fast that we are starting in the Ward and the Branch. That’s where one or two families fast on each day for 40 days.We are very excited for this and are praying that we see the miracles that come from it. There is definitely a reason we were prompted to do this now.

So we had our Zone Training Meeting this week and it was so Amazing! President and Sister Shumway only have 6 months left and the number of our missionaries in our mission is going down drastically so they have been focusing on certain things to get ready for the changes that are happening. In our mission we have something called the 5 Anchors #1 Put on the Armor of God (Exact obedience) #2 Make mornings (our studies) a spiritual experience #3 Pray frequently and BEG for the Spirit #4 Stay out until 9:00 in the evening #5 Stamp out all negative thinking! These are the 5 things that we live by and focus on. President Shumway compared these to the law of Moses. He talked about how we are now going to live a higher law. Called The 5 Special Ops. #1 Lazer focused (Get rid of distractions) #2 Highly Trained (Using all the tools we have been given to do our missionary work) #3 Out-Work Satan (work our hardest) #4 Seamless team (working better with the ward and our companions) #5 Completely Committed (Becoming a consecrated Missionary)

So now we have 10 ways that we can be better missionaries! We are now more motivated to work hard and find the people we are meant to teach here. Everything is coming together right now for missionary work to explode here. We are excited for the challenge that is ahead. It’s been a long road to get to this point. We are fasting and praying so that we can be better instruments in the hands of the Lord. I feel your prayers and am so grateful for y’all!

We made a goal for this transfer to find 10 new investigators which for Marshfield is a pretty high goal. We have faith that this will happen and have a lot of plans to get there! We are excited to make this the BEST transfer ever!!

I love y’all!!

Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon

WeeK 45: Happy 2015!

Happy New Years!

It’s 2015 already? It is really hard for me to remember to write January 2015 on things now.

This week has been kinda getting back to normal, but with New Years right in the middle of it all, not a lot of people were home or wanted us to come over. But I’m kinda glad all the holidays are over so we can get back to normal missionary work.

Sarah picked a baptism date! For January 24th! She just has to quit her E-cigarette. We did the Stop Smoking Workshop with her, which is 15 steps that she has to do every day for a week, the steps take away the craving for a cigarette. and she’s doing really well with it. She came to church and got a blessing as well. All the members love her and she’s really close with a  lot of them now. She’s super awesome. We are super excited for her to get baptized.

We had a lunch with our district before a lot of them left at transfers. It was really fun, we went to Brahms. It’s super good and it’s only out here in the East.

We have been focusing on the Book of Mormon recently and working on getting our less actives and investigators reading the Book of Mormon. We read a chapter with Andrew and he has been reading on his own. He is in 2 Nephi and we are so excited. Then we read with one of our less actives who is just starting and is in 1 Nephi. It’s been really cool to see how the Book of Mormon changes people’s lives! I love the Book of Mormon! I have started it over again and my scriptures are soooo colorful and marked up! There is so much good stuff in it!

So on New Years Eve we went out to see people with one of our members and no one was home since it’s a holiday but we went to see this one less active and there was a wind chime on his front porch so the member saw it was kinda broken and she tried to fix it but in the process she accidentally broke it more.. we were laughing so hard! We were really glad that the guy wasn’t home or didn’t answer the door. It was so hilarious!

Then that night we had to either go to a member’s house and stay there or go home right after dinner, so we spent it with the Bland family and we played games with them and her parents who are also in the ward. They have the cutest little girl! Her name is Kendyl and she is a handful! haha We also had dinner with them last night and she kept trying to sit in my lap and play with my hair, but we’re not allowed to let kids sit on our laps. It was really funny. She also came to a lesson with us and her mom. She got into Sister Palmer’s bag and pulled out a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and so that’s what we talked about. And when we gave the investigator the Book of Mormon, Kendyl went over and handed it to her and said “read it!” It was so cute! Even a 2 year old can be a missionary!

Today we had 2 really cool experiences. We were at Walmart and this lady was walking in while we were walking out and said to us. “Are you Missionaries?” We started talking to her and she said she had just moved here and she had just divorced her husband who wouldn’t let her go to church for 6 years and that she is a member and has been looking for an LDS church to go to here. It was such a testimony builder that Heavenly Father is going to place people in our path who need the gospel.

Then we got a call from a less active who we visited last week who told us that his Fiance wants to take the lessons. We had decided we weren’t going to go back to see that less active because he didn’t want to change and come back to church but it’s so amazing how the Lord works and who he can touch.

That’s about all for this week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Christmas tree from Nephi and Clare

At our apartment

At the Mangelsons

on New Years with our Sparkling Apple Juice

Gas Prices!!! They keep going down! Crazy!

Our Zone on Christmas Eve. They are a crazy bunch! 🙂

Week 44: Staying in Marshfield!

Dear, Friends and Family

It’s been kinda a crazy week! Since Tuesday was our Preparation Day, We didn’t do much that day. And then Christmas Eve we went to a member’s house in our Zone Leader’s area and watched Frozen! We can watch G rated movies on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Frozen was the only exception because it’s PG. We got lost on the way and were on the other side of the town that the member’s house was in. But we got there safely after our Zone Leaders figured out where we were…. haha

Then we went to the Shockley’s for dinner and it was really good. Most of them are non members or less active, We went there on Thanksgiving as well.

Then on Christmas morning we opened our presents made a video of the things we got. Then we went over to the Mangleson’s for Christmas and we were there the whole day. I got to Goggle Hangout with Mom and Dad and then Melinda for a little bit. It was so good to see them! We watched some Disney movies, I got to talk to Sister Palmer’s family too, that was fun! Then we had Christmas dinner. A member and her cute kids were there too and her boyfriend who is a recent convert. It was really fun to be with a lot of people for Christmas and hang out with some cute little kids!

Then we had to go back to work on Friday after a long break for most of the week. It was a little tough since it was the day after Christmas so people were still with their families. But it was still good. We did some service for a less active and his girlfriend who is an investigator. We painted their shed, it was so cold but it was super fun too! She just had a baby and he’s so cute! They should be coming to church soon and we get to have a lesson with her this week. We haven’t been able to meet with her for a while because she just barely had her baby.

Then Saturday was Transfer Calls!!! We are… staying in Marshfield! Both of us. We are excited that we get to stay 🙂 Also at the Zone movie, we guessed what was going to happen at transfers and I got basically everything wrong. But I guessed that we would stay and we did.

This week since Christmas I have been studying about Christ’s life and about the Atonement. Dad gave be a book for Christmas called The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister. It is a wonderful book and I love learning more about Christ and what he has done for us. I am also reading the Special Christ edition of the Ensign that was put out a few years ago. I don’t think I ever read through it completely, or if I have I don’t remember. It is so cool to study about the reason we have faith and the only way we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again, which is through Jesus Christ.

That’s about it for this week! Have a wonderful New Years and eat lots of Fondue for me! 🙂 Bowl me a strike too! I love y’all!!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon
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