Week 46: OTM Special Ops!

Hello Family and Friends!

Today we had a Zone Outing. We played Dodgeball, Basketball and Volleyball at the church in Springfield. It was super fun. We got to know the new missionaries who came into our zone and it was a blast! It was really nice to get some real exercise in! We all laughed and had a great time!

So we taught seminary this week so that was fun! Not the getting up even earlier than we already do. They start seminary at the time we usually wake up! It’s crazy! I don’t know if I could do it. I’m very grateful ours was during school hours.

We have a baptism coming up! Sarah has officially quit smoking. We taught her tithing this week, among other things, but she was really excited to pay it. She’s very poor but she’s so excited to do anything the Lord asks her to do! We are so excited for her! Her baptism is on January 24!

So this week they cancelled church because of bad weather conditions….It was raining at the time and there were a few slick spots on the road. They thought it was going to get a lot worse…which it didn’t. So we had the opening hymn, prayer, the Sacrament, the bishop talked for 2 minutes and then we had a closing hymn and prayer and everyone went home. Kinda drastic in our point of view being from snow country, but at least we had the Sacrament which is the most important part. Soooo with all that extra time that we didn’t have any plans…cause we are usually in church we spent most of it planning for the next week and calling people for the 40 day fast that we are starting in the Ward and the Branch. That’s where one or two families fast on each day for 40 days.We are very excited for this and are praying that we see the miracles that come from it. There is definitely a reason we were prompted to do this now.

So we had our Zone Training Meeting this week and it was so Amazing! President and Sister Shumway only have 6 months left and the number of our missionaries in our mission is going down drastically so they have been focusing on certain things to get ready for the changes that are happening. In our mission we have something called the 5 Anchors #1 Put on the Armor of God (Exact obedience) #2 Make mornings (our studies) a spiritual experience #3 Pray frequently and BEG for the Spirit #4 Stay out until 9:00 in the evening #5 Stamp out all negative thinking! These are the 5 things that we live by and focus on. President Shumway compared these to the law of Moses. He talked about how we are now going to live a higher law. Called The 5 Special Ops. #1 Lazer focused (Get rid of distractions) #2 Highly Trained (Using all the tools we have been given to do our missionary work) #3 Out-Work Satan (work our hardest) #4 Seamless team (working better with the ward and our companions) #5 Completely Committed (Becoming a consecrated Missionary)

So now we have 10 ways that we can be better missionaries! We are now more motivated to work hard and find the people we are meant to teach here. Everything is coming together right now for missionary work to explode here. We are excited for the challenge that is ahead. It’s been a long road to get to this point. We are fasting and praying so that we can be better instruments in the hands of the Lord. I feel your prayers and am so grateful for y’all!

We made a goal for this transfer to find 10 new investigators which for Marshfield is a pretty high goal. We have faith that this will happen and have a lot of plans to get there! We are excited to make this the BEST transfer ever!!

I love y’all!!

Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon

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