Week 48: Baptisms are the BEST!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was pretty good, besides the insane amount of stress we’ve been having the last couple days. Haha We are trying to get new investigators and we have literally tried to see everyone we know. It has been crazy, the amount of time driving around going from person to person is crazy!! We had a good amount of set lessons with really prepared awesome people…. aaand they all cancelled.. rats!

But it still was a good week and we have laughed and laughed about all the people who have cancelled on us. We would say, “oh we are glad this person hasn’t cancelled on us” two seconds later… they cancel. It was super funny! We started to not comment on that anymore….

Sarah got baptized on Saturday!!!! 🙂 It was really great! Everything went smoothly.. besides the water being kinda cold… ooops. The water heater wasn’t working very well. Her mom came, who is not a member. So that was really good! She is so awesome! Yesterday at church she participated in Relief Society and she got assigned people to Visiting Teach! It’s so cool how the Branch has just welcomed with open arms! We love her so much!! 🙂

We set a baptism date this week!! Amber is getting baptized on February 8th! We are super excited. Also her and Jr. are getting married on the 31st! They have been together for 3 years and she has been waiting on her divorce all that time. It’s finally going to all work out!! We are super excited for them!

We had exchanges this week. I was in Springfield with Sister Powell and Sister Palmer was in Marshfield with Sister Smith. It was a really good day in Marshfield. They had all set appointments and none of them fell through. Would you look at that!! haha

Me and Sister Powell had a pretty good day too. We talked over an investigator’s baptism program with her, went to a couple of less actives who were really awesome and are working on going to the temple. Then we bought our companions candy and put gummy bears all over their apartment for Sister Smith. It was super funny. It was really a great day!

Not much else happened this week. We just ran around trying to find new investigators. We have tons of lessons set up for this week though so hopefully they will work out!

I love you and miss y’all!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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