Week 49: An Almost Baptism

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has kinda been a weird week. We didn’t get to see most of our usual investigators because they are either out of town or something came up. But It was still a good week regardless of canceled plans.

First of all. Amber had a date set for her baptism this Sunday. Then she got her divorce finalized this week, which took almost 3 years! So she and Junior are going to get married on March 13 so she decided that she wants to get baptized on the same day. So we are sad she’s not getting baptized this week but we are excited that they will be married before she’s baptized!

The weather has been really warm this week. It has been so nice to have a break from the bitter cold. We were able to take off our coats all day on Tuesday and we had 2 outside lessons! It was the best! 🙂 I love and miss outdoor lessons.

A while ago we were contacting people we didn’t know on the ward list and we knocked on a guys door and this other man came and said that guy had moved. So we keep seeing him outside his house now, and he’s super nice and always waves at us. So the day it was really warm we decided to stop and talk to him while he was outside. So we pulled up, got out of the car and just started talking to him. He’s super nice and has talked to the Elders before. It was really neat because most things he talked about are pretty in line with the gospel. But he doesn’t believe in going to church. He’s a super nice guy.

Sarah is doing well! We are starting on the new member lessons and we are going to the Temple with her on Saturday!! We are so excited! I haven’t been to the temple since May, I think. And another recent convert is going with us too!

Yesterday at church was kinda insane. We were on splits during church because of the ward and the branch overlapping meetings and just the different things that were going on that day. Ward council and branch council. I taught the Laurels lesson and Mission Prep too. So it was a long day of teaching at church. Usually Sunday’s are our days to relax at church and let others do the teaching for a while. Which is nice. But not yesterday. haha It was really good though. We have a great group of youth! They remind me of the home ward’s youth. Super tight knit. It’s awesome!

Today we had our Zone Training Meeting. It was the best! The zone leaders made a really funny video about obedience. And some of the sisters instructed and they had two caramel apples in bowls. Then they asked two of the elders to come and see how big of a bite they could take. One of them was actually an apple and one was an onion. So they talked about having positive attitudes and how we can be apples not onions. It was super funny!

That’s about it for this week!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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