Week 50: Harrison, Arkansas!

Hey Family and Friends,

Sister Palmer and I are both getting transferred. I am going to Harrison, Arkansas with Sister Bastian. Sister Palmer is going to Tahlequah, Oklahoma with Sister Bailey! Before I forget…My new address is: 2110 Cypress No. 2 Harrison, Arkansas 72601

We went to the Kansas City Temple with Sarah on Saturday!! It was soooo good!!

I don’t have very much time today to email

Cool things that happened this week are that we went to the temple! We found a less active who moved without telling anyone where she had moved to. We were sitting in the car trying to figure out who to go see after our appointment cancelled, and I looked up and saw her driving down the street. So…. we followed her… haha she pulled into her apartment complex and we got out and started talking to her. Then she let us in and we talked to her about an activity that we are having at the church tonight and she’s going to come. We are super excited about that.

We had a dinner appointment scheduled for a family who has a less active daughter who has been pretty hostile against the church for a while. That day she called us up and said that she was cooking dinner for us and that she wanted us to share a message about prayer. It was so awesome!!! We have been praying for her as a companionship and as a Branch Council for a couple months and it’s amazing how much more open she is. She also sang in church a couple weeks ago. It was awesome. So we shared a mormon message called The Hope Of God’s Light with her. https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-07-006-the-hope-of-gods-light?lang=eng It’s the best video EVER!!! We love it so much and watch it every Monday and with tons of people. Ya’ll have to watch it!!

I love and miss ya’ll!!!’

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Picture 001
Low gas prices
Picture 002

Picture 003
Bro. Romney from home ward in SLC
Picture 004

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007

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