Week 52: Coming Up on My Year Mark!

Hey Family and Friends,

Something I forgot to say in my last email is, while Sister Alverson and I were riding to Harrison with the members who drove us we found out that both of us were in the same Mission Prep class at BYU Idaho! Isn’t that crazy? We remembered each others faces but didn’t put it together until we were companions. So that was pretty cool!

This week we were still meeting a lot of people and it was kinda a weird week. We had exchanges on Tuesday, District meeting and a funeral on Wednesday, Weekly Planning on Thursday and a Sisters Conference on Friday. And all of those things took a lot of time out of our week. We still met a lot of people but it was kinda hectic and we are excited that this week is going to be normal.

We have met a lot of Part Member families this week. It has been so cool to see how people are prepared. Everyone here is so nice and immediately let us into their homes. That’s a rare thing when contacting less active members. But this town is special! We have started teaching a couple of less active member’s husbands who we think are ready.

I have been out for almost a year! I can’t even believe it!! This has been the greatest year of my life. I am so happy to be here. I am so grateful for the experiences that I have had and the people that I have met. It has been a roller coaster! The best roller coaster in the World!! President Shumway always says that the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission is better than Disney Land!!! It’s so true! 🙂

I love you and miss ya’ll!

Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon

We sent a banana to our Sister Training Leaders in the mail…. Someone told Sister Alverson that it was possible so we tried it… not sure if it will work.
A Missouri sign
And after!
After a lesson with a member families kids hahaha

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