Week 54: Spring Spring Spring!

Dear Family and Friends,
We had our last snow fall of the year, and it’s already feeling like spring time. I can’t wait!! 🙂

This has been a really great week. We had our district outing last Monday, We went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Branson and played signs at the church after. It was really fun! We have a pretty awesome district.

We are continuing to teach Heidi (The one who was in a coma) She is super sweet and we are so excited to be teaching her. We are going to invite her to be baptized tomorrow. She’s super prepared it’s awesome!

We had a super great lesson with the Whitneys. (Part member family) We did the restoration cup display. It was super good. I’ll have to take a picture of it and send it so you know what I’m talking about. I’ve used this lesson a lot with people. And they came to church on Sunday! It was awesome. They stayed all three hours too.

I’m not sure if I mentioned Shelby yet but she’s awesome. We tracted into her while we were on exchanges. We heard her singing when we knocked on the door, so when she let us inside we asked her to sing for us. So she did and played her guitar. She’s been in a couple of bands and she’s really good. She’s 23 i think. Anyway she lives in a house with her brother and people are always at her house. She always has friends over. So when we go to teach her we never know who we will actually be teaching. We have three investigators including Shelby who have been at her house. and possibly a fourth. This week we taught the Plan of Salvation and it was a super great lesson!

After church yesterday we went with some members to the Powers family. He’s a single dad and has three kids. They are all super nice and sweet. They joined the church about 3 years ago. Then he got divorced so he stopped coming because he didn’t see a point in going to the temple if they weren’t going to get sealed. It’s really sad. But we are going back soon and going to continue to teach them. They are all super sweet!

I love Harrison!! It’s such an amazing place. There’s no better place to be a missionary!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon
ps. I left my camera at the zone outing and still haven’t gotten it back…. :/ So I’ll have pictures next week hopefully!!

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