Week 55: When in Doubt…Do Some Service.

Dear Family and Friends,

The weeks have just flown by! We have already been in Harrison for a month. We are finally getting the hang of things and we’ve met most of the people in the ward. We still meet new people every day though. It’s really exciting when we meet more people. There a lot of people who are prepared to receive the gospel.

   This week was our zone conference. It was really good. I love zone conferences. They are really draining by the end. But they are so spiritual! We got there at 7:30 and didn’t leave until 5. Then we went to a place called Lamberts for dinner with the Whitney’s. It was super good. Their “thing” is that they are the home of the throwed rolls. They come in with a pan of hot rolls. and you raise your hand and they throw them to you! It was super fun!! 🙂
    On Saturday we were driving to drop in on some investigators we are teaching, when we drove by some of the members and we thought they were moving someone in to their house so we stopped and asked if they needed any help. Brother Pursifull said that they needed help painting their new house they are moving in next Saturday. So we went and put on our paint clothes and we painted basically all day. Sister Pursifull is 9 months pregnant and their kids were sick too. They didn’t have anyone to help them so it was really great that we stopped and talked to him. cause if we weren’t there it would have taken them so much longer. It was super good.

We had an awesome lesson the other day at Shelby’s. We never know who will be over at her house when we go over cause her house is where all her friends hang out. But it’s really cool cause we keep meeting new people and they become interested or at least listen to the lessons. It’s been really cool. Anyway. Shelby had to go to work so we taught her friends the cup display that explains the restoration. They were all really interested and said it made sense. It was really cool.

Yesterday after church we went to see Heidi, who had just come back into town and the elders had been teaching the people she’s living with, but we hadn’t been able to meet them yet. But we finally did and they are awesome. They have a super cute baby and they are getting married on Saturday so that’s exciting. They are not going to a church right now, and don’t really have a set church or religion so they are really open.

I love yall!!
Hurrah for Israel
Sister Moon

At Lamberts with the Whitneys
the sign
drawing of the owner
The sisters conference about a month ago

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