Week 60: A Little Friendly Competition

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was super great! We have this ongoing competition between the Elders and the Sisters in two zones. Last week it was focused on how many Active Member Lessons we could teach in a week. This week was how many Referrals we could receive and contact. This upcoming week is how many New Investigators we can find. The first week the Elders won by a lot and this week we won. So now it’s the tie breaker! This week we were able to contact 4 referrals! 2 of them we are going to start teaching, one of them we are going to go back again and the other we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she would read it and call us if she wanted to learn more. So they were pretty successful contacts.
We have a potential of getting 6 new investigators! We have appointments set with 3 of them so we are super excited!!

Wednesday was Sister Alverson’s Birthday! We had district meeting and our District Leader brought us all cookies and Cadbury eggs. Our members who drove us took us out for her birthday lunch. We went to the Goyettes and they had bought her cake. Then we went to dinner with the Whitney’s and had Kabobs and Smores! So we had tons of sugar and treats that day! We were stuffed.

We had another lesson with the Whitney’s later in the week and we invited Cameron to pray about a baptism date. So he’s going to pray and study and talk to his wife about it, so hopefully I will have some great news for y’all next week!

We met a son of an active member family this week who hasn’t come to church for over a year. The Pedersons. His wife got baptized 2 years ago and they were coming but for some unknown reason stopped. We met them and talked to them for a while and before we left he said ” maybe I’ll see you at church sometime” And he came yesterday to church! That was awesome! We’ve been sending daily scripture texts to people who want them and he’s on the list. He said that he’s been reading them all! So we are super excited about that. They are a super cool family and we are excited to go back and teach them and help the whole family come back to church!

We talked to a returning less active this week Rebecca, Her husband, Levi isn’t a member. About how we can start to teach him. So we’ve come up with a plan and we are excited to start teaching him. She says that she tries to always read her scriptures or church books in the living room or with her son where her husband can see her. So when he asks her what she’s reading she’ll share something about what she’s reading and try to start a conversation with him. It’s super cool! They’re awesome!

Hurrah for Israel!
Love y’all and have a good week!!
Sister Moon

Pictures: Funny road signs and signs of Spring!!
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Week 59: We Taught Primary!

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a awesome week! We met a whole bunch of people who we’ve planned to go see them a bunch of times and either they weren’t home or we ran out of time to see that day. And Cameron is doing really well! We are going to set a baptism date with him this week!

We had a lesson with Cameron and he’s getting kinda scared, which is actually a good thing. We think he’s understanding how serious it is and that he’s getting close. He keeps coming up with concerns that are really silly. He’s so ready but he just doesn’t know it yet. We are going to their house for dinner on Sister Alverson’s birthday this week, on Wednesday. She’ll be 21! 🙂

There’s this awesome less active lady that we see every week, she loves collecting antiques! Her house is awesome! It’s like stepping back in time, she even has an old fashioned sewing machine that she uses. And she’s the funniest person ever!

We are working with a whole bunch of Less Actives. There are tons of them here. It’s one of the biggest areas in the mission, so there are a lot of people who live way far away from the church and use that as the reason why they don’t come to church. So we finally have gotten to see some of them that have been on our minds that live further away. And some potential investigators too.

Yesterday we had a less active who hasn’t been in a long time come to church with her kids. We have been visiting them for a couple weeks. Her husband is not a member but he’s always there when we have our lessons and he cooked us dinner last week too. He’s a professional chef! So it was super good!

Me and Sister Alverson also taught the 6 and 7 year olds in primary yesterday. Their teacher didn’t show up so we filled in. Mom I know why you were frustrated when you taught primary. It was so hard! The class had 5 boys and no girls and they were all crazy! Only one of them wasn’t punching or kicking some one else and answered all the questions. It was super crazy! But hopefully they learned something!! haha

Well that’s about it for this week!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

Week 58: Easter

Dear Family and Friends,

Conference and Easter were amazing!! 🙂

If you haven’t watched the Easter video you need to! It’s super good. It’s always really exciting in our mission when a new video comes out from the church. Especially these new ones. Because of Him, He is the Gift and now Because He Lives. They are super short but powerful! We have been showing it to everyone this week and will continue to show it.

We watched all of Conference at the Whitney’s house, with lots of snacks and root beer!! 🙂  Sadly we didn’t dye eggs this year, have a easter basket, or do an egg bash, but it was super great watching conference with them and after we went to another returning LA family and had some strawberry pie.

We were at the Goyette’s the other night talking to Sister Goyette about her husband and how he feels about the church when they came in and had just bought 4 mice as pets. (Picture below) They were super cute. They have 7 boys and 3 of them were there that night and they were all huddling around the box saying how cute they were. It was really funny! They are super cute kids.

We had a ward potluck this week  and we were able to show them all the new Easter video and talk about them sharing it with their friends. Then some of the members came up and asked us for some of the pass along cards that they could hand out. It was really amazing. We were super excited about it.

We found a new investigator this week. Her name is Danielle. Her dad is a member but has heath problems so he’s not able to come to church. She is super open and we showed her the Easter video. Then we talked for a while and she said she needed to “investigate our church more” It was awesome that she used the work investigate! haha

It was a super good week and I’m so grateful to be here in Harrison! These people are amazing!

Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon
Flowers we got from our upstairs neighbor
The mice

Week 57: St. Patrick’s Day

Dear Family and Friends,

We got transfer calls this week and we are both staying in Harrison! 🙂 Hooray!!
On Monday Sister Goodman, my trainer was visiting the mission with her mom and she took us to lunch! it was really good to see her again! Then we went to dinner and FHE at the Moomey’s they are coming back to church and her brother in law has been coming to church and we are going to start teaching him. They are a really neat family!!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! We were on exchanges on St Patty’s. I was in Springfield with Sister Powell. It was a really good day. We didn’t really do anything special for St Patty’s but our dinner gave us green cool aid. It was pretty sour but really good. The lady who fed us dinner is a returning less active so she is quitting smoking right now. so the sisters have been going over to her house at 5 am because that’s the time she craves a cigarette the most. so we did that on Wednesday morning too. I was sooo tired that day. but it was good.
Members came out with us a lot this week and drove us around to meet people in Lead Hill. Which is about 40 minutes away from Harrison. Our ward boundaries are so huge so we don’t get to go to the far away places very often. So it was really good to have them with us.
We had a super awesome lesson with Cameron this week. We taught him the plan of salvation and he was so interested and asked a lot of questions. He is awesome! We were talking to his wife on Saturday during a service project. She said that she is surprised he is doing so well cause she never thought he would accept it. He used to be super against the church. She’s working on getting back to the temple too. So it’s really exciting for her! We are glad we are staying because it’s such an important time for him and pretty soon i think we can set a baptism date with him.
That’s about it for this week. We are off to go to our district outing so we can say bye to the elders who are leaving. There are sisters coming into our district so that’s exciting! It won’t be just us and a bunch of elders! 🙂
Love yall and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel
Sister Moon
PS I just barely realized there were a bunch of emoticons so I had to try them out.

Cute boy with his cat

Definition of Mission

Awesome sign outside a church

our district. They’re all crazy. haha