Week 58: Easter

Dear Family and Friends,

Conference and Easter were amazing!! 🙂

If you haven’t watched the Easter video you need to! It’s super good. It’s always really exciting in our mission when a new video comes out from the church. Especially these new ones. Because of Him, He is the Gift and now Because He Lives. They are super short but powerful! We have been showing it to everyone this week and will continue to show it.

We watched all of Conference at the Whitney’s house, with lots of snacks and root beer!! 🙂  Sadly we didn’t dye eggs this year, have a easter basket, or do an egg bash, but it was super great watching conference with them and after we went to another returning LA family and had some strawberry pie.

We were at the Goyette’s the other night talking to Sister Goyette about her husband and how he feels about the church when they came in and had just bought 4 mice as pets. (Picture below) They were super cute. They have 7 boys and 3 of them were there that night and they were all huddling around the box saying how cute they were. It was really funny! They are super cute kids.

We had a ward potluck this week  and we were able to show them all the new Easter video and talk about them sharing it with their friends. Then some of the members came up and asked us for some of the pass along cards that they could hand out. It was really amazing. We were super excited about it.

We found a new investigator this week. Her name is Danielle. Her dad is a member but has heath problems so he’s not able to come to church. She is super open and we showed her the Easter video. Then we talked for a while and she said she needed to “investigate our church more” It was awesome that she used the work investigate! haha

It was a super good week and I’m so grateful to be here in Harrison! These people are amazing!

Hurrah for Israel

Sister Moon
Flowers we got from our upstairs neighbor
The mice

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