Week 59: We Taught Primary!

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a awesome week! We met a whole bunch of people who we’ve planned to go see them a bunch of times and either they weren’t home or we ran out of time to see that day. And Cameron is doing really well! We are going to set a baptism date with him this week!

We had a lesson with Cameron and he’s getting kinda scared, which is actually a good thing. We think he’s understanding how serious it is and that he’s getting close. He keeps coming up with concerns that are really silly. He’s so ready but he just doesn’t know it yet. We are going to their house for dinner on Sister Alverson’s birthday this week, on Wednesday. She’ll be 21! 🙂

There’s this awesome less active lady that we see every week, she loves collecting antiques! Her house is awesome! It’s like stepping back in time, she even has an old fashioned sewing machine that she uses. And she’s the funniest person ever!

We are working with a whole bunch of Less Actives. There are tons of them here. It’s one of the biggest areas in the mission, so there are a lot of people who live way far away from the church and use that as the reason why they don’t come to church. So we finally have gotten to see some of them that have been on our minds that live further away. And some potential investigators too.

Yesterday we had a less active who hasn’t been in a long time come to church with her kids. We have been visiting them for a couple weeks. Her husband is not a member but he’s always there when we have our lessons and he cooked us dinner last week too. He’s a professional chef! So it was super good!

Me and Sister Alverson also taught the 6 and 7 year olds in primary yesterday. Their teacher didn’t show up so we filled in. Mom I know why you were frustrated when you taught primary. It was so hard! The class had 5 boys and no girls and they were all crazy! Only one of them wasn’t punching or kicking some one else and answered all the questions. It was super crazy! But hopefully they learned something!! haha

Well that’s about it for this week!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Moon

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