Week 60: A Little Friendly Competition

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was super great! We have this ongoing competition between the Elders and the Sisters in two zones. Last week it was focused on how many Active Member Lessons we could teach in a week. This week was how many Referrals we could receive and contact. This upcoming week is how many New Investigators we can find. The first week the Elders won by a lot and this week we won. So now it’s the tie breaker! This week we were able to contact 4 referrals! 2 of them we are going to start teaching, one of them we are going to go back again and the other we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she would read it and call us if she wanted to learn more. So they were pretty successful contacts.
We have a potential of getting 6 new investigators! We have appointments set with 3 of them so we are super excited!!

Wednesday was Sister Alverson’s Birthday! We had district meeting and our District Leader brought us all cookies and Cadbury eggs. Our members who drove us took us out for her birthday lunch. We went to the Goyettes and they had bought her cake. Then we went to dinner with the Whitney’s and had Kabobs and Smores! So we had tons of sugar and treats that day! We were stuffed.

We had another lesson with the Whitney’s later in the week and we invited Cameron to pray about a baptism date. So he’s going to pray and study and talk to his wife about it, so hopefully I will have some great news for y’all next week!

We met a son of an active member family this week who hasn’t come to church for over a year. The Pedersons. His wife got baptized 2 years ago and they were coming but for some unknown reason stopped. We met them and talked to them for a while and before we left he said ” maybe I’ll see you at church sometime” And he came yesterday to church! That was awesome! We’ve been sending daily scripture texts to people who want them and he’s on the list. He said that he’s been reading them all! So we are super excited about that. They are a super cool family and we are excited to go back and teach them and help the whole family come back to church!

We talked to a returning less active this week Rebecca, Her husband, Levi isn’t a member. About how we can start to teach him. So we’ve come up with a plan and we are excited to start teaching him. She says that she tries to always read her scriptures or church books in the living room or with her son where her husband can see her. So when he asks her what she’s reading she’ll share something about what she’s reading and try to start a conversation with him. It’s super cool! They’re awesome!

Hurrah for Israel!
Love y’all and have a good week!!
Sister Moon

Pictures: Funny road signs and signs of Spring!!
IMG_0541 /





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