Week 63: Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Family and Friends,
It was so great to talk to Mom and Dad. The rest of you can see me 4 months from now. Crazy how time flies!
This week was pure crazy! So Monday night after Sister Alverson and I got home from our Zone outing which was really fun, We played kick ball and frisbee and just talked to the other missionaries. Anyway, after we got home we got a call from President Shumway saying that Sister Alverson was also leaving Harrison and two new sisters were coming in. So the rest of the week was just us saying goodbye to everyone and making sure that we had everything ready for the new sisters. It was super hard saying goodbye to everyone because I loved them all so much.
My companion Sister Barrett is from Highland Utah. She is 26. She went to college at BYU. She’s a little quirky but super sweet and so loving!
So starting Thursday I’ve just been meeting people and trying to get to know the area. Also trying to get used to walking everywhere since we don’t have a car. But members help us out a lot here so that’s really helpful. Plus we have a lot of lessons in the Institute building.
We have 4 investigators with a baptism date right now and we are working with about 6 plus recent converts who are super awesome and solid! We went on exchanges with one of them named Mike he got baptized last Saturday, and had one of the best lessons on my mission I think. Sister Wallentine, who’s husband is in the bishoprick, sat in on the lesson too. She served her mission in the OTM too. She is super awesome at teaching and helped me learn a ton too. We had Mike teach us the Plan of Salvation. It was so good! He is talking about going on a mission when his year is up so we are helping him learn how to teach. It was an amazing lesson!
There’s a member who has come on exchanges twice so far, Ciera and she just barely turned in her mission papers, so we are going to try and get permission for her to come and stay with us for a night so she can see what the schedule is like and everything. So that should be really fun!
I actually know quite a bit of people in this ward. Because I’ve served most of my mission in Missouri I know YSA’s from Ava and Marshfield. Also Sarah my recent convert in Marshfield who got baptized in January might start coming to the ward so that will be cool to see her.
Yesterday was pretty awesome because there was a lady that walked into the church and wanted to talk to someone about the church. She said she has known members all her life and wanted to learn more. She said that she has seen the corruption in other churches and wants to know what we believe. She is in her 50s so we won’t be teaching her but we are going to go to a lesson with the elders so that we can hand her off to them but it was amazing to see how the Lord is preparing people.
I’ve met a whole bunch of awesome people and I am super excited to be serving here!
Our Bishop spoke yesterday on Mother’s Day and he talked about honoring our parents. He said that a way that we can honor our parents is be bringing them honor. I loved how he said that. It brought more meaning to that commandment. He talked about how we can bring honor not only to our earthly parents but to our heavenly parents. Thank you Mom for raising me so well! I hope that I bring you honor! I love you so much and I am so grateful for all that you have done. I am grateful for you faithfulness to the gospel and that you are serving a mission with me. Not everyone can say their mom went with them on their misison! I’m so grateful for your example to me in the way that you serve your mission! I want to be just like you!! I love you!!
I love y’all and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Watching Meet the Mormons at the Goyettes their son fell asleep in that position. It was hilarious!
Our district
Bailee and Konner
The Goyettes
Bishop Jenkins and his wife
The Duckers
Me and Sister Barrett

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