Week 64: Great Week in Springfield!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was pretty great! I’m finally getting used to the area and getting to know everyone here. It is such a great ward!
We found out last week that the mission home is being moved to Bentonville, Arkansas. And the name of the mission is being changed. Our mission will now be called the Arkansas Bentonville Mission. When the new mission president comes in, July 1 is when it will officially changed. The boundaries are not being changed or anything like that. Just the name and the mission home, so I’ll be flying home out of Bentonville so that will be weird! It will be really nice though cause the misison president will be a lot closer and it will help him move around the mission more easily.
This week we had Stake Conference and it was so great. I got to see all of the members that I love in Marshfield since I got transferred back into their stake. I really loved Stake Conference! They talked a lot about ministering and councils. They had a family demonstrate a family council and it was so cute. They are a cool family, two of their kids are in the YSA ward and they come out with us all the time. Their boys are named, Amalaki, Nephi, Helaman, Teancum… I can’t remember the rest but it’s pretty cool!
We picked up an investigator we are working with on the way to stake conference and had a lesson with him in the car afterwards, we talked about stake conference and about the temple, which is something that they talked about too. He has gone to the temple before and walked around the temple grounds. He talked about how he felt so peaceful at the temple and how he wants to go back. Then we invited him to be baptized so that he can go back and he said yes. So he is praying about a date he can be baptized. We are super excited for him. He’s had a rough life but he said he can feel the difference when he goes to church and that he feels happier.
Monday nights we get to go to FHE and then we play volleyball after. It’s so awesome! It’s a super great tool for reactivation and fellowshiping investigators.
We went on splits on Wednesday and I was with Ciara. She’s the girl who’s turned in her papers and will be leaving in about a week to go to Bear Lake so she comes out with us as often as she can. Anyways we tried to visit a few people but they weren’t home so Ciara said that she wanted to go tracting. So we went across the street from the institute and tracted a couple doors. There was a super cute chinese family who let us in, and then we met two girls from India who are going to school here. We showed them the Because He Lives video and invited them to church (which is right across the street from their apartment) and they said they would definitely come! So they should be coming next Sunday since it was Stake Conference this week.
We had exchanges this week. I was here in Springfield with SIster Oliva. Ciara came out with us all day too. It was super fun. We went tracting again and had some really good lessons. We met a Less active who is coming back to activity and he’s so nice. He offered to come on exchanges with us and he was at Stake conference too.
We got a ride from a member and her less active friend, to switch back after exchanges. He’s so funny and super nice. We texted the member after and she said he hadn’t been to church in 10 years but that he was working on coming back. Hopefully we will be able to set an appointment soon. He’s super awesome and needs to be in church. He’s so outgoing and i can see him being a great help to the ward!
Sunday after stake conference we went to the institute and made lunch for a bunch of people and had a great lesson with Michael a recent convert. He’s so awesome! We talked about Family History and he’s super excited to start doing it. He is excited to go to the temple. We have a trip coming up on May 30! I’m so stoked!! I love the temple!
I really need to start taking more pictures! I promise next week I will have some!
I love y’all and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Much love, Sister Moon
Sister Oliva, Me and Ciara
Our Zone

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