Week 65: It’s Always Good Weather!

Hey Family and Friends,

Yesterday was pretty awesome! We had some great lessons after church. Then we had dinner with the Robinson family. They have 2 kids in the YSA and they have tons of kids and relatives in town this week because of a wedding this week. It was super great. It reminds me a lot of our family. They had dinner at the church cause there were so many of them. Kids running around! It was great! I loved it! Then after dinner we went tracting in the rain! We were drenched. A member came with us and it was a guy so he couldn’t drive us around so we just walked around when it was pouring. People looked at us like we were super strange. But it was a cool experience. We got a couple people that we are going back to . There’s a talk in the packet that President Shumway gave us all on the first day that we came to the mission that talks about how it’s always good weather no matter what. So even if it’s cold or wet and rainy it’s good weather cause people are more likely to let you in if you are standing on their porch like a wet dog. haha WE got invited in but couldn’t cause there wasn’t another girl, but still! It was awesome!
We found a new investigator this week. She is from China and her name is Tracy. We tracted into her last week but she was studying for finals so she said that we should come back another time. We went to go see her and she was getting out of the car when we pulled up. So we talked to her for a little bit and then walked to her apartment with her. We showed her the Because He Lives video and she loved it. She talked about how her mom had taught her to always be nice to others and to believe in Christ. It is really cool to see how she is prepared. She said that she wants to come to church and to take the lessons as well.
We were contacting some less actives and we went to this one house. The mom is a less active and her daughter was the one we were trying to contact. We found out that the daughter didn’t actually live there but was just visiting her mom when we showed up on their door. It was definitely a miracle. We had a really good discussion with them and the mom said that she has been thinking a lot about going back to church, so we gave the Elders her number and they are going to help her get back into church. The daughter also said that she would think about coming back to church and she was not even really interested in talking to us or even thinking about going back. Heavenly Father softens hearts! It’s amazing!
We have done a lot of walking this week and mostly because of our lack of planning…. and that everyone is working full time now that school is out. We thought that we had a ride to this dinner appointment a ways from our apartment but we actually didn’t so we were fast walking for about 15 minutes trying to get there. Another time we couldn’t find a member to come with us so we looked up less actives who live close to us and just walked to them all. Then one of our members was sick and cancelled so we found some potentials and formers to contact, then the tracting in the rain! So it has been a fun adventure this week, but it’s also been good. I feel like i know my way around a little bit better from walking everywhere.
I love y’all~
Hurrah For Israel
Sister Moon

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