Week 68: And then there were 25!

Dear Family and Friends,

This weeks goal was to reach 20 lessons. and we were able to teach 25 lessons! It was so amazing! We have been struggling with getting lessons since I’ve been here since the transition between school and summer has been so crazy with people being super busy with their new summer classes and jobs. But now things have settled down and we were able to finally teach some people!!!!! 🙂
Next week should be super great too! We are working on getting more investigators to come to church! We are excited for the results that come from our efforts!
Last Monday we went BOWLING!! It was super fun! We went with 2 members and 2 recent converts. It was awesome! I got a 112 and a 109. So I think I’ve still got it! So watch out! Next New Years I think I will have to challenge everyone to a dual!! :):)
This week has been super good with less active finding and teaching. We’ve finally been able to see some that we have been trying to contact for a while but they just haven’t been home. There are a lot of them who really want to come back to church. It’s really amazing how they just feel like something is missing in their lives and they want to change and see the need for the gospel in their lives.
I love the members here so much! I am starting to forget what it’s like to not have members with us 24/7 It’s really amazing how willing they are to come with us and they are so excited about doing missionary work. It makes us want to work harder too!
I love y’all! Sorry we didn’t have much time because of Caving!! We just went with two zones and then after we had a fish fry at bishop’s lodge. It was super fun and we were sooo soo muddy! It was a blast!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Pictures next week when I have my cord.

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