Week 69: I’m Thinking about Becoming Marmish

Hey Family and Friends,

Before you get too confused I will explain the email heading. We were at dinner last night with the Walentine family, He is the first counselor in the bishopric of the YSA. He is a  super funny guy! We were talking about the food and how he raised the beef that we were eating, then he started talking about how he made the plates and his kids hand painted them.. making a bunch of jokes. Then we started talking about the Amish and how if Mormon’s were Amish then we would have to be called Marmish! So I was thinking maybe I might try it, since missionary life is not too far off from it. We don’t have a car so that solves that problem. haha now we just have to buy a lot of candles and cook over a fire!
This week was super great!
I can’t remember if I mentioned last week but one of our investigators, Zack, has a baptism date!! He is getting baptized on July 18. We are super excited for him! He came to church yesterday for the first time! So many people in the ward know him already and he got to know a lot more yesterday! So we have been teaching him and his mom is also interested so when we go to our lesson on Wednesday we are taking the Elders and also the Relief Society president from the ward that she would be in. They are so awesome!! His mom’s brother is a member so Zack wants his uncle to baptize him!! He’s been reading the Book of Mormon and we also got him to start reading Preach My Gospel as well. He really loves learning and says that he feels peace when he meets with us and when he first walked into the building.
We have another investigator who we just set a baptism date with. His name is Ramiro. He has been gone since I’ve been here. He is in Kansas working right now but is coming back the first week in July. So we have been having lessons with him over the phone. He is super awesome! Last week we talked about the Holy Ghost and the way to receive answers and he told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. This week we talked about Enduring to the End and the Temple and he really liked learning about the temple. He knew a lot about it before we talked about it. It was really cool.
We taught a new investigator this week. This was the second lesson that we’ve had with him. His name is Hunter and we weren’t sure how interested he really was at first. But he was a lot more open this time and he hadn’t done the reading we gave him so he wanted us to read with him. Then we had a really good lesson about prophets and Jesus Christ. He wasn’t able to come to church this week because he had to work but he’s planning on it in the future!
Our investigator pool has been dropping because of crazy things that keep happening. But no fear! We are finding more!! Yesterday we went and visited a member couple who just got married and moved into the home ward, we went over with them to their neighbor’s house and set an appointment to go back and see them so that is exciting! We have a lot of awesome lessons set up for this next week and know it will be a fantastic week!
We have been meeting a lot of less actives and it’s been pretty good. We got a sheet from one of our members that is really cool and we are going to start giving it to less actives. It is a goal sheet where we set a date for them to become active, then they have to check of boxes for different things, like coming to church 4 weeks in a row, meeting with the bishop, interviewing for a temple recommend, doing family history, things like that. It’s really neat!!
I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament on Father’s Day! When they gave me the assignment I realized that I had also talked on Mother’s Day, which was my first Sunday here, so I introduced myself basically, So apparently Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something!! haha Speaking on Mother’s and Father’s Day. I was given the topic of Fathers and how that relates to Missionary Work. It was really cool to see how in the scriptures what advice fathers give to their sons who are on missions or going to go. It was an awesome topic to study. I talked about how Dad has helped me on my mission and I shared the story about how Dad wants to teach the King of Tonga, everyone really liked that! 🙂
That’s it for this week!! I love y’all and miss you!!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Sister Moon
Pictures from the last 3 weeeks

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