Week 75: Owasso Oklahoma!

Hey Family and Friends,
I don’t have a ton of time today because we are on Library computers and we are timed.
This week was pretty great! It was super hard to leave Springfield but I really love Owasso already! It’s an amazing ward and I love the people we are teaching! So I accidentally messed up on my companion’s name! It’s Sister Chatlin not Chatwin. haha Oops!
She is so awesome!! It doesn’t seem like she’s only been out for 6 weeks because she’s so great at missionary work! I think she trains me more than I do her. I love her so much already!
So we had the opportunity to eat FRIED TWINKIES!!! We always wanted to try them after we saw them on the bike trip and finally it happened!! They are SO delicious! We have a less active family that we had dinner with and that was our dessert! There are pictures below!
Here we are working with a lot of returning less actives and we have a couple of recent converts. I’ve only met a couple of our investigators so far but they’ve been pretty awesome so far!
I’m still trying to learn everyone’s names and it’s been going pretty good so far. We have awesome members and great leaders so I’m excited!! It’s really weird knowing there is a foreseeable time limit on how long I will be here, and I am praying that will help me to work harder and faster to get everything done that I was sent here to do! I’m grateful for this opportunity to be in a new area and to meet so many new people. That’s one of my favorite things about being a missionary. I am surprised how big my heart can grow and that I can love so many people!! And everyday my heart grows bigger as I meet more amazing people!
I love y’all so much!!!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Sister Moon





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