Week 76: Getting to Know Owasso

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been great! We didn’t have a whole lot of success number wise but that’s not what it’s all about right?
I’ve been working on getting to know everyone and know my way around still. We’ve also been working on finding new people to teach and so that’s why we haven’t had as many lessons this week but had some really cool experiences instead!
On Tuesday we were contacting less actives who Sister Chatlin didn’t know anything about, we went to this one house and she wasn’t home so we were writing her a note when a car pulled up and someone got out and started talking to us. His name is David. He said that the lady we were looking for had moved and we asked him if he had found a church yet and he said no. So we invited him to come and he said he would like to and wants to learn more. So we were talking to him and getting to know him, when one of our members walks up and says, “Hey Neighbor” The member lives right across the street from David and he also invited him to church! It was super awesome!
We have also been going through and contacting former investigators and trying to find out if they still live there or are interested. We came across one named Kenneth and he sounded promising so we went and knocked on his door. He was so nice and talked to us for a while. He said he was still interested in studying with us and said his wife might join him in the lessons too. It was so awesome! He’s so nice and open and we are excited to start teaching him!
There’s a less active who has started coming back before I got here but we are still teaching him and he blessed the sacrament yesterday! We were so excited! He’s so awesome! Last week we taught him Patriarchal blessings and he’s thinking about it and also meeting with bishop so that he can receive the Melchezedec priesthood! It’s so exciting!
I really love the people here so much and we have amazing members! They are all so nice and willing to share the gospel with everyone!! 🙂
We were able to set two baptism dates this week! Patrick and Kelsey are father and daughter. Their baptism date is for October 24 so I won’t be there, but I’m so excited for them! They are super awesome and I’m excited to keep teaching them.
We also had a less active family who came to church! Usually the mom comes about every week but this week the whole family came! We also had a lesson with them last night and they are so awesome! Their hearts are sincere and they really want this for their family!
Yesterday in church was a great experience! I loved all the talks and lessons. They were all about families! I have noticed lately how much families is being focused on and came to the realization that everything in the gospel points to families. The reason we have the commandments and things that we do in the church is all to strengthen the family. I love the quote by Boyd K Packer. “The end of all activity in the church is to see that a man and a woman are happy at home, sealed for eternity!” It is so true! As I have been studying lately I have been trying to apply the things I learn to families and it all connects! It’s amazing! I’m so greateful for yall!
Sister Moon

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