Week 77: Referrals & Flooding Toilets

Dear Family and Friends,
It’s been a pretty good week!
We have been getting a ton of referrals this week and have been able to contact quite a few of them, no one super interested yet, but we still have some more to contact so we are hopeful for those!
Last Monday we had FHE with a darling family!! I love them tons! The Silvas. They are so funny! They get off topic really easily. They were talking about spiritual dreams that they have had. And the littlest girl stands up on the couch and says. “I had a dream!…… that I was a hot dog!” Then Sister Chatlin pulled out this random temporary tattoo of a hot dog and said. “Do you want this?” haha Then the 15 year old was like ” What is wrong with this family?! ” It was super funny! We are having FHE with them tonight too and we are excited! They are the greatest!!
We are also having FHE tonight with another family who is returning to activity. The Wickels! They are awesome too! The first few times we went over there they had a new animal each time. First time they had Guinea Pigs and the next time they had a new cat and the next time they had another turtle! They remind me of the Goyettes in Harrison! We are just waiting to see what animal they think of next! haha
We were able to finally get in contact with the potential we found about a week and a half ago. David, he’s awesome!! We talked to him out on his porch for a bit and he is super prepared! He had some really good questions that can be answered by the gospel, and he is in a Joseph Smith like phase. He sees the confusion and the different ways people interpret the bible and just wants to know the truth. It really is a blessing that we found him and that we have the opportunity to teach him! We are so excited! 🙂
A funny thing that happened this week, Our toilet overflowed and flooded our bathroom Wednesday right before we were about to leave for District Meeting! We were frantically trying to make the toilet stop pouring out water and we had plastic cups scooping water into our bath tub and we put a bunch of towels to soak up the water and then we would ring them out in the tub and put them back on the floor! It was so crazy! We called our District Leader and told him that we would definitely be late for our District Meeting. We rolled in about a half an hour late so it wasn’t too bad. hahaha We could not stop laughing it was so funny!
A cool experience that happened this week was our relief society president texted us and asked if we could make dinner for a lady who just got out of the hospital from surgery, and her family. Even though they had just moved out of our ward into another ward close by. We made the dinner and gave it to the Elders that are serving in the ward that they just moved in to. It was super awesome cause they let the Elders in and they were able to talk to the husband for a while who isn’t a member. And I guess that when the sisters before me tried to meet with them they had never been let in and they wouldn’t really talk to them. So it was really cool that service really does help and we can see miracles come from that!
I love Y’all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon
Cool shot from our first day!
They change this sign every month and… we are not flexible! haha
There are these weird statues around Owasso so we’ve been taking pictures with them.
The Toilet flooding incident. There was about and inch and a half of water.. you can’t see it that well.
And this is my lovely companion! We were just getting ready to pray and I couldn’t take her seriously!We know y’all want her to teach your friends the gospel! haha 🙂

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