Week 78: Investigators & a Loose Tooth!

Dear Family and Friends,
Sorry this letter will not be very long because we got back late from a sisters outing we had and we have to leave for a dinner real soon!
Highlights from the week:
We got 3 new investigators at the beginning of the week and it was a miracle. We were going to have a lesson with a less active family and they were not home so we called them and they said they were not going to make it back in time for our lesson but that the mom had been talking with her older son and he and his girlfriend were asking questions and that we should go over and talk to him instead. They lived next door to them in a trailer on their property so we walked over there and they let us right in. We were able to have a really great lesson with them and they want to take the lessons! It was amazing!
A less active family that we have been working with for a while all came to church yesterday! They have a new calling and they are pretty excited about it. Bishop met with them and they have a goal to be sealed in the temple in December. We are excited for them!
We brought a member to a lesson that we had with them this week and their son had a loose tooth and was playing with it so the member we brought with us asked if he could see it. The member wiggled it and then grabbed him and YANKED his tooth out! Their son starts bawling and screaming for 20 minutes it was so sad!! But they came to church so I guess it wasn’t too traumatizing! hahaha
Again sorry it’s so short! Next weeks will hopefully be better! Good luck and safe travels Melinda on your flight to Tonga!!
I love y’all!!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon

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