Week 79: Last Full Week in the Arkansas Bentonville Mission!

Hey Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty amazing!
This next week is my last full week here! I can’t believe this is real! I don’t think I’m going to accept the fact until I see all your wonderful faces again!
The Wickel family is amazing! They are working on becoming active again, We have FHE with them every week and it’s been so fun! They also went on an exchange with us to another returning less active family, and they just hit it off! It was awesome! Then they invited them to come to their house to have FHE with us, So that’s what we are doing tonight! We are so excited! Two of our favorite families in the same night! 🙂 Then we were at the Wickels for dinner and they have someone living with them for a bit until they find a house and they brought them to church with them, they will also be there tonight and said they want to learn more.
We went on Exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders this week. I was in Bartlesville with Sister Petersen who is also going home with me. We are sitting next to each other on the plane. She’s so awesome! It was a really great exchange. So once I got back the next day Sister Chatlin told me that the Owasso Elders had left a vacuum on the front porch of our apartment, it had a note saying, ” This is to help you clean up your act.” So we have kind of a rivalry going on with these Elders, so we have been taking pictures with the people we’ve been teaching with the vacuum and we are going to post the pictures on their car today with our vacuum that doesn’t really work in their back seat! It’s been so funny when we come up to people’s doors with the vacuum. We’ve had a couple of them say “….uh we already have a vacuum thanks tho.” hahha
I’ll send the pictures of their car next week!
I love y’all!
Hurrah for Israel!
Sister Moon









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